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The idea of Aguair on his workshop, the one that he named “build a novel” inspired me, so here you will write stories, it doesnt matter what kind of story it is, but please not romantic stories, after you write it, post it here and i will read it and rate it. The one person that will get the highest rating from me, can ask me for any favor, but not an insane one!

Let the best writer win. 😛

Lilguy: 9.3/10 Comments: You used “Penguin Bob” over 20 times! You could just say Bob lol.

JackyBob: 7/10 Comments: In some parts i couldn’t understand what you meant e.g: “one took watch out side.”

Sandystart65: 9.6/10 Comments: AWESOME! I LOVE STORIES WITH LOTS OF DEATHS! 😈 i dont think someone will beat that, if no one will, then after i gather 5 stories ill ask u what u want for a prize.

Shrimp455: 9/10 Comments: Am i supposed to be Darth Vader? lol p.s you would of get an 8 but the “come to the dark side we have cookies” part saved you lol.

Doughnut861: WOW 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won, if you wont answer what you want your prize to be within 2 days then the winner will be Sandystar.



  1. Actually Josh(aka It’s Raining Water) had this on his site …like a month ago. It seems to be “In-Vogue” right now.

  2. i dont remember fylliper having it, but anyways i got the idea from ag not fyll

  3. Actually I didn’t see this is a really NEW idea. I thought it was the usual ..build the story/novel. My mistake. Wow this is a great idea! 😛

  4. once there was a penguin!
    his family was messed up so he wanted revenge. he decided to rob the hq. it was a mass plan to rob it. he gathered a gang of penguins out side the pizza parlor. the went to his igloo and came up with a skeem. one took watch out side the others helped get the money. they got it!!!! they were the richest penguins in cp. they were the most respected people in cp.
    its stupid
    but i hope i win

  5. im aking one… itll be pretty long tho!

    Penguin Bob was waiting at the penguin airport for his plane to Penguin Tokyo. It had been delayed 2 hours due to the weather. He was now to leave penguin Chicago at 4:00 pm penguin standard time. There was 30 minutes until boarding started. so he decided to go to the gift shop. He had a T-shirt made for him with “Penguin Bob” written across the front. He went to the cashier and paid for it. “10 minutes ‘til boarding to Penguin Tokyo” the intercom blared. Penguin Bob started to waddle back toward the terminal. When he arrived there was 5 minutes ’til boarding started so he sat down and picked up the Penguin times newspaper. After he read his favorite article “Ask Aunt Arctic” and looked at the upcoming events it was time for boarding to start. he waddled on to the plane and sat in his seat. About 20 minutes later the flight attendants came on the intercom to tell the safety lesson. Penguin Bob didn’t care. He had been on countless flights and logged over 1000 hours in the air. Being a Penguin Military pilot you are one of the best there is. He would arrive in Penguin Tokyo in 7 hours. They where ready for take off. They were off. The ride was rough and full of turbulence. Penguin Bobs plane had just left America when the pilot came over the intercom and said there was bomb on board and that they would be landing in Hawaii in 40 minutes. Penguin Bob got out of his seat and went to the cock pit to ask where the bomb was. Since he was a highly experienced bomb squad technician this should be a piece of cake. The flight attendant told Penguin Bob that the bomb was in far back of the plane. Penguin Bob waddled to the back of the plane and there to his surprise was Professional Penguin Hater Ryan Brolund standing right in front of him with a bomb and parachute gear. He was going to jump. Brolund pressed the activate button on the bomb. It would go in 3 minutes. Penguin Bob Peng-jitsu kicked him in the face. He was out cold. Acting quickly Penguin Bob deployed Brolund`s parachute, took the scissors from his spy phone to cut the wire and tied the bomb to Brolund’s chest. Penguin bob then pushed him off the plane. The bomb would blow before he hit the water. Penguin Bob waddled back to the front of the plane and told the pilot there was no need to land in Hawaii. The pilot’s response was “Oh ok thanks, but I wasn’t going to land in Hawaii cus of the bomb I wanted to go surfing!” Eventually they landed in Hawaii and they all went surfing. On the way to Tokyo they almost crashed because the pilot didn’t return to the plane so Penguin Bob flew the plane to Tokyo. He ate one sushi dinner and returned to Penguin Chicago the next morning.
    The End
    By: lilguy574

  7. That was outstanding! I don’t think I could top that. 😛

  8. I know this is a bit similar to my game, but yours is totally different, I like that. Keep it up!

  9. Yes ζÔ§Η I said that above as well. However, you said in your comment “it is a bit similar, but totally different.” I believe that is called and oxymoron. 😛 This whole page is totally different and great! I may write a story myself, and maybe not. lol

  10. Ok i have one!

    Ok J.S. Penguin was walking along her igloo rodeside, when she noticed a giant piece of junk in front of her door. She reilized there was red ink on it and it said…. you have 15 mintunes to live!!! Or else!!!! She stared at it for a moment, quite confused, and then ran inside her apartment and noticed that on the door, there was blood on the door saying, 10 mintues!!! So she ran into her room and the timer said, five mintues!!! And she was taking it seirously. Then, she asked to come into her brother’s house, which was located fie mintues fom there, and she said, Slider446, this is gonna sound mad, but someone is TRYING TO KILL ME. And so slider said, Hurry over then! And she got in her pengcar, drove really fast, and hid in her brothers smalller igloo. Then when she cam back three days later, her puffle had been slaughtered, and there was a guy on her couch. Soemone SO familier,but whom? Wait…. this was a GIRL sitting there. And underneth her said Blueblah. And then she said, Blue still sent me. And J.S. Said, “Who is bluestill?” Then blueblah said, no time to explain! And then slaughtered J.S.!

    Then, the next morining, her brother came to see her and she was lying face down on the carpet floor with a knife stuck in her back, which had been carved, to say,” BB IS COMING FOR S446 NEXT” And slider said, is she trying to kill of ALL of my family? And then she crept up behind him, and said,” maybe I AM.” and then slider446 screamed and then Blueblah came and slaughtered him too. And it said on his back,(Carved) THAT DOES IT. NOW FOR P101!!(J.S.’s little sister)

    No offence blueblah, but you offended me so many times in my life i made u the murderer, and slider446.prinssess101(p101) and J.S. are all real chartecters. (That family is actually sandy’s but jane is her other younger sister, and so yeah.)
    DO NOT COPY!!!!!

  11. im gonna enter another ok?

    once apona time ther was a penguin named icedrills. he hated paintboy100 so much he made a header that insulted him and then he killed him then lilguy574 was inraged that he lost the comp. by .3 points and he killed icedrills.

  12. yes! curently i am winning! 😀 lol But i am a good story writer and just PM on Mr funs fourms at anytime and i can give you a death story or watever. i am good at riteing horror killer stories. 👿 i am…. i am….. And lilguy, i have a story about your new one.

    J.S. came back from the dead with slider446 and blueblah. they then killed lilguy coz he lost the comp. by .3 points. (Lol, not my newer story for fun!)

    Ok My new story: (made for all the people who like murder stories that give you nitemares for years, and sorta gooshy compashion horror)

    J.S. Was walking in penguin PURGATORY( purgatory, if your not christan, is where souls go if the have done bad but not vial deeds, and wait for something.) And so she walked, and sat there, sadly, waiting for all to be back. Slider, whom had been killed as well, went back to his little house in purgatory. Her brownish wig which she has died in was torn and dirty. Along came an EX-BF (boyfriend) and she stared up. He was the reason blueblah had gone mad, to get his heart, and it worked coz JS had been killed. Soon after her EX had committed suiside. (her EX’s name is memper13.) She sad sadly, as all ghosts(or upset/troubled souls) do. She was waiting… waiting for something. Then all of a sudden she found herself in her death sence again, and blueblah had the knife. In this versoin, her fantsy, she shot blueblah after she had almost died and her beloved came and weeped over her and died. She came out of the fantasy and started weeping. She had a horrid life, and a broken heart.
    her ex, memper13, came and sat next to her. He was all bloody and such. She stared at him a moment, and saw why she had even lived, was sitting next to her. She was suicidel after her EX had chosen blueblah, but she was killed by her instead. JS was weeping on, when she found herself alseep in her EX’s little home in purgatory. She was thinking, “i probley fell asleep while weeping and he carried me here.” She stared next to her to make sure memper wasnt next to her, he wasnt, but was on the ground asleep. She tiptoed out of the room and found a person who gave her a note saying, take a beloved and go back to earth to seek revenge. She shook memper awake and handed him the note. she ran quickly to the front of purgatory, grabbed memper, and went back down to Clubpenguin. There she saw a crime sence next to her old house, and then she finished reading the note, and it said only the killer can see you, and the avegnged. So memper, running behind her, ran to blueblah’s igloo, where she hid in a plant with a brillent idea from memper. Memper walked in, and said,”Hello, blu.” Blueblah looked at him in horror, and said, “you…you…your… dead!!!!!!!!” And he said,”quite, and i am here to seek revenge. JS?” He called. And JS crept out and shot blueblah, and this would leave no mark on her soul because she was a soul. So blueblah went to H-E double L with her new BF, Jone9428474. She then came to prinsess101’s igloo and softly called, sister? And little prinsess looked at her very confused and said, Swissy, Me tot u dead!?! And she said, no and took her to purgatory with her(well,to take her she had to kill her,) where JS and memper later Married and such, but all went to hevan and all whom didnt were evil.

    My For-Fun story
    DO NOT COPY!!!

  13. COOL Page lol.

  14. HOLY CRAP! u ppl write a lot well this is my story…

    once there wuz a penguin he had no life so he decide ta get so pizza. while he ate his pizza with extra peparoni it fell on the floor…. so now this guy has NO life and NO pizza. he is sad so he goes to his girlfriends house…. he gets emotinal and calls her a b#%*#…. so his girlfriend dumps him….. NO life NO pizza and NO girlfriend…..he is sad now so he goes to darth vader to fix his probs he said “come to the darkside we have cookies” and the dude luvs cookies so hes now on the darkside…..but then he had a allergic reaction to cookies so he could not eat them so he said ” screw this” and then he comit suicide…

    Then he lived happily ever after.

    yes i no thiz iz random.

  15. ROFL!!!!! That was in such poor (pizza/cookie) taste shrimp….but so so hilariously funny! I shamefully admit that.

  16. lol tanks
    i am very random…. i should rite a novel

  17. I donno if we can rite 2 but if not this is for fun …..


    It all starts this lil guy is playing gutiar hero……
    9999999 points with a 8000 note streak on the hardest song on expert … he wuz playin fire through the flams it wuz amazing about to finish the last note when BAM! he got shoot in the head by a AK47 blood sunk into his gutiar as the killer his mother breaks into the room with a butcher knife and slices him to pieces… there is a room full of red dripping blood…. the mother kills her self for her crazy stunt but the killer iz a alive … and his name is…. ice drills(lol)… he gathers the whole world in a HUGE building he birings out a 200 by 300 bomb… he sets it and runs .. so fast.. so far .. then BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a mini explosion happens on the earth and he then walked…. put a awesome coat on and a sweet hat.. and remand known as the killer…

    30 years later………
    the world has some how remade all the humans …. but the killer still walks among us.. ready to kill………………………………………….


  18. nvm thiz iz not raelly a CSI but i just felt like calling it tat…. *8*

  19. i like writing horror storys.

    (it’s me, sandystar65. if u people wood look on my blog, then u wood see y it changed.)

    I can write grusome ones and ones that will make you have nitemares for years. i even scared myself once and i had a dream i was watching a movie and then it came to life and demons ate me…… Lol.

    but that dream did happen!

  20. im bored so im gonna write a story….

    la la la la la la the penguin said as he skipped down the road.. this kid is FAT he gets hit by a super montertruck ..his blood floods the world


  21. i think the hardest thing to do on guitar hero is to play throught the fire and flames on expert witht he super speed cheat with a WII controller! am not i correctly right?

  22. oh and to add more to that… the wii is plugged in a caravan with the little tv in it and your little bro/sis keeps throwing french fries at you on the way home from mc donalds! i think that wopuld be super hard!
    ok i got even more! …. while ur drunk!

  23. wtf

  24. i think lilguy is drunk LMFAO

  25. ok?

  26. isn’t lilguy ALWAYS drunk lol


    or maybe he IS……


  28. yup rofl

  29. rolf, shrimp.

    if u had a site i may add u to my blogroll…

  30. OPPS! I mean rofl!

  31. really put me on YOUR blogroll that would be awesome…. *sigh* only if i had a website.. maybe ill TRY to make one hmmmm

    also im am trying to have a party at my igloo, which will be on the map..AND U ARE ALL INVITED!
    it will be on friday the 16 of may at 5:00 pm club penguin time and the theme is summer and if you can PLEASE advertise it on ur site..like i say again cause i dont have one =( and yah

    i hope i see u ALL there 8)


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  37. 3)

  38. i started to scream AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! she said:stay com it will be AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH fog came and i did not see her! i got really scared i never saw her again then i heard AHHHHHHHHH comeing form the woods again a black penguin came with blood on his flipper help my friend this is his blood ad he was gone by the fog! i got really really scared yhen he siad stay come averthing will be fi** AHHHHHHH! the fog came again i went AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! really reallly really! scared THEN fog came again and it grabbed me and i was never to be found again THE END TO COPY

  39. This is one of my latest stories:
    Learning to Bike:

    When I was six, something horrible happened to me. I got my first tricycle. The period of learning how to ride a bike and trike was not very bright for me. Although there is a happy ending, it did not come without the scares and the scars.

    ● ● ●

    Whenever my father came home early from work, it meant one of two things. Either he just got a raise, or he planned to do something fun with me that afternoon. I was three when he brought an odd contraption home. He would later tell me it was called a tricycle. At first I stared at it, wondering what it did. He then placed himself on top of it and put his hands on the handlebars and his feet on the pedals. I stared at him oddly for a moment and suddenly he started darting forward. I stared at him once again as he dismounted from the strange machine.

    “Now you try,” he said, clearly dismayed seeing that I wasn’t in awe. I simply shook my head no. “C’mon it’s easy,” he said as he plopped himself back on the trike. “First put your hands here. Then put your feet here, and push. Understand?”

    I was very shy then and didn’t speak much, so, hoping to avoid any further discussion of the matter, I nodded my head yes. That would be a huge mistake in the long run. I started to walk back to the garage when my dad whistled me back. I turned around as he scooped me up and put me on the bike. I started hysterically crying. He calmed me down and then showed me once more. Being brave I got back on, firmly grasped the handlebars, and started pushing my legs in long circular movements, slowly but surely gaining ground. After about three thrilling cycles my legs got tired and I stopped. My father, just now realizing I was going uphill and that he did not teach me how to brake, started to run to my side. But it was too late. I starting going backwards on the trike, bumped into our driveway curb, and toppled over with the trike on top of me. I didn’t go near a tricycle for another six months.

    Every year my family goes Long Beach Island, LBI. My most memorable year there was when I was six. By then I had abolished my fear of the tricycle and had mastered it. Unfortunately, a new larger fear took its place, The Bicycle. The third day there my father, despite my screaming hysterics, dragged me to a local church parking lot. Even though he had to chase me around a little to get me on the bike, he somehow put up with my intolerable behavior.

    “Don’t worry, Jake. I promise I won’t let go of you,” he said under my sniffles.

    And then he started pushing me, firmly grasping the back of my seat. Personally, I think my dad has watched too many movies where the father lets go and the child can magically ride. Well, after about twenty seconds he did let go, and I quickly realized he did and turned my body to make sure. Unavoidably, I leaned the bike too far and flipped over, colliding with the hard, scorching pavement. The only problem was that I was unscathed. This meant that I was to be dragged back there the next day. Even more sadly, my friend Arthur was there to learn with me the next day. After screaming, arguing, pounding the wall, running from my dad, and negotiating the best a six-year-old can, I was in the parking lot once again. This time my dad let go even earlier than he did last time. At first I was cruising and enjoying the first ride of my life.

    Then I started yelling, “Daddy I’m doing it, I’m doin—“Bang!!!!! I fell into a small ditch going full throttle, throwing me backwards off of the bike. I lost my oxygen for a few seconds as I smashed into the sharp pebbles. I didn’t need to look. I already knew I had a few small rocks implanted beneath my skin.

    I also vaguely remember that when I stopped crying, my father went over to my friend Arthur and said, “It’s your turn, Arthur.”

    My friend, scared out of his wits, retorted, “I don’t want to be hurt too.”

    I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think Arthur has learned how to ride a bike since that crash.

    I was nine when the great miracle happened. I had continued practicing my bike after that unforgettable crash when I was six. My dad had decided that I no longer needed to ride in a church parking lot, but instead down a quiet lane in North Shore Bay. I had also gladly accepted this too, since it was a Sunday and I would have a lot of trouble steering around the cars.

    Down that little lane the miracle of the bike happened. I started pedaling and pedaling and soon enough my feet were doing it by themselves. Biking had finally clicked inside of my brain. I could ride! I even made my first sharp turn down a street. It was a glorious day in the world of biking.

    The next day though, my dad, excited to see me for the first time happy to go biking, took me to a small park to ride. Little did we know that there had been a strong west-wind the night before. (A west wind causes all of the bay and ocean mosquitoes to swarm and gather on the island and beach. Also, I’m highly allergic to mosquitoes.)

    It was another great day until we ran into the horde. I had been laughing at a joke my dad had told me when I felt the first mild sting on my face. Suddenly I was in a mass of black, buzzing, and angry flies. The pain at one point became so intense that I threw myself from the bike and into the grass. My dad, not as lucky as I, crashed into my bike and fell onto the pavement with his bike on top of him. About a minute later (it seemed like an hour) the flies got bored of biting me and left.

    My dad was slightly dazed and decided to walk home instead of drive. I was crying then though, but not because of my fall, because the need to scratch was so intense I was twitching like a maniac.

    The mosquito bites took a grand total of one week to calm down. But the day after I recovered, I got right back on my bike and learned how to ride. It was only then that I finally got the great feeling I get every time on a bike. I finally felt I could fly, strictly on the ground of course.

    ● ● ●

    I am twelve years old now and have almost mastered all the tricks of the bike. I have now ridden from the north end of LBI to the south end and back, with a strong headwind. It was a total of forty-eight hard-ridden miles. And as I was approaching the end of my journey at the rock driveway of the bike rental shop, I took my hands off of the handlebars and shot them straight into the air, just as Lance Armstrong had done when he won the Tour de France. But to me it had a different meaning. I had finally won the war against the bike. But as I rode my final ten feet I recognized the fact that the war would never be over, because at that very moment I realized I didn’t know how steer without my hands. So just as I finished my journey, once again I toppled over and hit a sharp bed of rocks. But instead of crying, as I had done for the past eleven years of my life, I started to laugh. Perhaps that was the victory.

    Any good?


  40. Here is my longest and bestest story i’ve written:
    The Box…

    While a rover on Mars is digging for samples, it suddenly hits something under the initial layer of rock. It is a vaulted box. When it is safely landed on earth, fifty-nine of NASA’s brightest engineers open it. Unfortunately—or perhaps fortunately– one of them, a man by the name of Harold Stevens, is sick. A few days later he arrives back at work, only to find everyone dead. As he explores deeper into the NASA building he sees something even more disturbing: the box is open. The box is empty.

    ● ● ●

    “Harold to probe room… Harold to probe room,” the speaker bellowed. Harold let out a long sigh. How was he going to finish his job if the rookie kept calling him back every five minutes?

    He could see perspiration gleaming on the rookie’s head as he entered the room. He could also see a few buttons flashing red. A bad sign already. “What is it Parish?” he asked, giving his voice authority.

    “Something’s wrong with the probe! I just started digging and the maintenance button started flashing and the drill stopped, and I lost the connections for a second. I think the drill is damaged somehow,” he said waiting for fireworks to explode from Harold’s mouth.

    Normally Harold would be very angry, but he was in a particularly good mood that day.

    “This is a serious situation. Pull a chair over for me. Okay, first thing we’re going to do is check to see if the link is valid. Phone over to David,” Harold said, pulling a microphone headset over his ears. “Yes… Yes. We need you to check the link between home and probe AD-9… ok, can you see why we lost the link?”

    Parish pulled on his headset and heard David say, “I dunno… it came up unregistered…was there any area in particular you used before it shut down?”

    Parish replied, “Left drill rim.”

    “Okay, let me do a scan of the area… The drill is busted.”

    “What!” Parish and Harold simultaneously replied.

    “Yeah, I used the emergency monitor. It looks like you must’ve hit something hard… because the point lost it’s sersation.”

    Harold glanced over to Parish and raised his eyebrow. Catching his look Parish said, “Um.. Would you mind checking to see what it broke on?”

    “Sure, but it was probably just rust. I mean the thing has been up there for a y–” Suddenly the only thing you could hear was the soft buzzing of the headphone.

    “David… Hello? David, are you there?” Harold glanced over to Parish and gave him a nod. Parish pressed the speaker button and said loudly, “Security to Tech Room!”

    A few moments later there was a loud shuffling outside. Harold lifted himself off his seat and headed for the tech room. Parish followed, right behind him.

    There was an eerie silence as they opened the door. The electricity was off, and the security team was huddled around David. It only took one look to see that David had fainted.

    The guards then asked Parish a few questions: “What were you talking about, Where were you, Did something sound off when he was talking to you?

    Parish answered them straightforwardly.

    After about two more minutes all but two of the guards had left with David in a stretcher. They said after a cursory scan of him that he had probably fainted from fear or shock.

    “Probably a rat or something,” the guard concluded.

    The last guard then asked if he was looking at anything in particular at the time he fainted. Parish then gave somewhat of a snort and said, “The screen… Where else?” The other guard then hearing this turned the electricity back on. A stunned silence came over Parish and Harold as they saw what was on the screen. With a ghostly silence spread over the room. The guard asked, “Ummm. What is that?”

    Parish said stumbling on his words, “Sss-something that a rr-rover on Mars had dug up.” The security guard then looked back at the screen. He raised his sunglasses to make sure he was really seeing this. On the screen was a box, a vaulted metal box.

    “Parish?” Harold said with a bit of a squeak in his words.

    “Y-yes sir?”

    “I want you to launch that probe down here immediately, with the box attached to it!”

    “Yes sir!” Parish said and walked back into his station, eager to get the job done.

    Two Months Later

    Today was the big day! Today was the day Harold would get his big promotion, be interviewed in the news, become famous! The probe had finally landed safely with the box. The rest of NASA had kept it all hush-hush. Not even the CIA knew about this. Harold had planned everything out. He was going to show it to the rest of the engineers, then they would open it, (all fifty-nine of them) and hopefully find something. Hopefully.

    Harold was adjusting his necktie when a sudden woozy feeling came over him. The world was beginning to spin… He could suddenly hear himself thinking out loud, cars were passing by him, his toothbrush was dancing. He was sick.

    “Ohhh,” Harold moaned. “Don’t let me be sick today. Today of all days?” With this Harold hit the floor. Blackout.

    One Week Later

    Harold slowly opened his eyes. There was a bright light above him. Oh, so maybe I’m in the hospital, Harold thought. He was. After not showing up for work that day, Parish had contacted authorities. When they found him lying on the floor of his apartment they rushed him to the hospital. All this was explained after the surgeon told Harold he’d had a minor stroke. They couldn’t find a reason why though. He had no family history, he didn’t have any blockages, his blood pressure was low and as far as the surgeon could tell, Harold was a healthy man.

    About an hour later Parish and a friend visited Harold’s hospital room. They said NASA was waiting for him to open the box. At this Harold felt relieved, yet, he couldn’t help feeling something was off with Parish. But he chose to ignore it. They talked about what could be in the box for a while, then moved on to the stroke. Parish, concluding the conversation, said, “God works in mysterious ways.” Then he left with his friend. After drifting off a little a thought struck Harold, Parish and his friend had had deep blue eyes. Didn’t Parish have brown eyes? “Oh well,” he thought, and fell asleep.

    The Next Day

    Harold was straightening his necktie. He had checked and rechecked his appearance. Finally he was ready to show the engineers the box. He hopped into the car and began reviewing his speech in his head while driving.

    “Ladies and Gentlemen.” (He passed a blue speed sign.) “I have made a discovery of such proportion, it will change the world as we know it.” (Just then a sleek blue Porsche zipped by.) “It is… a vaulted box from Mars!” Harold pulled into the full parking lot. “That’s weird,” Harold thought. “Huh. I guess everyone came to see me.”

    As Harold entered the building, he immediately noticed something was wrong. Instead of the usual commotion from the various rooms, a silence filled the corridor. Harold slowly walked through the doors of his office. Everyone was there, “Oh thank God, I thought I was going crazy.” No one spoke. “Hello? Hello?! Is anyone here?” No one answered. No one stirred. Nothing moved. Harold, engulfed in fear, crept over to a woman’s desk. She looked fine…until he noticed something on her neck. It was a tiny slit. Harold screamed. Then he noticed something else, the color in her eyes was gone. They were dead white. Harold ran to a few other people. They all had slits and no eye color. Drowning in fear, Harold burst into Parish’s office. No one was inside. Then a new thought struck Harold, “Oh my god, THE BOX!”

    Harold rushed to the meeting room, and flung the door open. It looked like a scene from the Bible. Everyone was in some pose, eyes wide open, mouths dropped, hands shielding eyes. And in the center of the scene was the box, door swung wide open. And there was Parish sprawled on the floor, throat slit, eye color gone. “What… how is this possible?” Harold grabbed Parish’s limp body. “You said they waited for me, YOU SAID THEY WAITED!” No one answered. Something stirred. Something moved. Harold jumped to his feet, scanned the room, and began running. Long cold arms stopped him in his tracks. Harold slowly turned around to see what awaited him. It was a sleek brown figure with blazing blue eyes. Under a twisted grin the alien said, “You’re next.”

    Harold quickly turned around, trying to escape. There was another alien in front of him. He was nearly surrounded. After a quick scan of the room, Harold saw one opportunity to escape.

    Harold closed his eyes trying to show no fear and said, “Why?”

    The aliens stopped. “Well, Harold. You see, you have something we need. Something up there,” the alien said tapping Harold’s head with its claw. Seeing the opportunity, Harold drove his fist into the alien’s gut. He made a break for it, but was quickly grabbed by the other alien, and thrown against the wall, as if he were a doll. The only thing that separated him from the aliens was a desk. The blow to the wall had dazed him, but he knew this would be the end. After a few long moments the alien sprang at him. Harold closed his eyes waiting for long claws. They never came. When he opened his eyes, he saw the alien laying on the ground dazed. “What the…” Harold said, and then saw the giant horseshoe magnet on the desk. He grabbed it and pushed it forward. Suddenly the remaining alien was thrown back, and hit the ground with a thud. Harold ran forward with the magnet until he had the alien pinned to the wall. He slowly began pushing harder inch by inch, until there were two large holes in the alien. It was dead.

    Then Harold began to run. He needed to escape the place. Just as he ran into the parking lot Harold realized, “Wait. What happened to the first alien?” Harold ran back inside, but the first aliens corpse was nowhere to be found. But neither was the dead one’s. “Huh, do they disintegrate when they die?”

    “Hopefully.” Harold thought. “Hopefully.”

    15 Years Later

    Harold, the new head of NASA, leaned back on the sofa, beer in hand, and flipped on the TV. It had been a good day, and he was looking forward to a relaxing night at home. He put on the evening news, where they were doing a special on the primary season. They said a young Floridian Senator was making a startling run for the presidency. After a few seconds, his picture flashed onto the screen. In that moment shivers ran through Harold’s back. He paused and rewound the TV, back to the image.

    The future president of the United States of America had familiar blue eyes

    Any good?


  41. Awesome! What are some of the stuff i can get?

  42. anything you like but pls not something insane

  43. Hmmm. K, i just have a couple of questions (sry if im being a nuisance) How many hits do you get a day? How old is your rarest account (excluding your main penguin)? Do you want any help with your site?


  44. it depends there days that i get 500-600 but there some bad days that i get less than 100
    My rarest account is Ice Drills which is 417 days old
    and no i dont need any help with my site, i think having 4 admins and 2 editors is enough help

  45. Are you any good at making headers?

  46. if i have time and im not bored then yeah, i used to make the best headers in cp blogs untill i stopped, that was months ago

  47. Could you make me one? I would give you the pixels, and the words. And some images if you wanted.

  48. Would drill’s pass be too much? I’ve never banned anyone in my life.

  49. yea it is too much, i only have 1 ban left and im not risking anything

  50. Ok. Who are ur other penguins, and how old are they?

  51. my other penguins arent members… im not rich

  52. Lol, me neither. K, this is my request. U have twenty-six people on your blogroll, i would like you to clear 17 of them, and add http://www.burgersrule.wordpress.com . Is that too extreme, it’s just cause u have so many people on ur blogroll, that i don’t think it would actually help the site. Would you mind?


  53. i cant remove 17, because ill break my own rules, if u want to get added tell me

  54. o and how many links i have on the blogroll doesnt matter or change anything, my google page rank is 5 which is the highest rank u will find on a cp site, even paintboy and watex has a page rank 5. so removing the links wont change anything

  55. Lol, okay, just add http://www.burgersrule.wordpress.com

    Sry for putting you through so many requests.


  56. Ok here’s my story:
    IMPORTANT NOTE: this is just the long intro, all right? I will make it into a long story someday.

    Ring! RING! The bell marked school’s end for the day. Kids everywhere flooded out. But one kid, was not flooding out like the rest. The boy watched as everyone else poured out of the school. Soon it was empty. Except for two people. “Hey Gregory, wanna go do something?” said one of them. The other groaned. “Don’t call me Gregory!” he yelled. The other boy stumbled back. “Fine, fine.” What’s wrong with you anyway?” he said. “Nothing but really boring people calling me my real name which you know I hate it, and that today’s a Friday.” said Gregory. The other boy smiled. “That’s the Greg I know.” he said. “Steven, maybe we should go skateboarding!” said Greg. “Sure!” said Steven. But they really never had a time to finish. All at once, an explosion racked the whole school. Then, everything was gone.

    “Greg!” someone hissed. “GREG!” Greg woke up and found himself in a wreckage of concrete and wood. “What happened?” he asked. “I don’t know!” replied Steven. “Maybe we should find out before anything bad happens,” said Greg thoughtfully. “You think?” replied Steven.

    The two boys wandered through the wreckage for hours it seemed, and finally they found something. It was an ancient tablet it seemed, with strange symbols on it. The boys wondered what it was, and brought it home to Greg’s house.

    “So what is this anyway?” was the main question on their minds. They had analyzed it, looked at it through magnifying glasses, and scanned it on the computer. And they still couldn’t figure it out. Strange things happened when they were analyzing. First Greg’s computer shut down, then their magnifying glass shattered. Those were among the weirdest of the happenings. But of all the weird things that happened, one really scared the boys a lot. Voices sounded. Their computer screen when blank and words popped up. It said,
    “Leave this please immediately. You hold a dangerous weapon. You have until 12:00 midnight on September 13, 2004 to return the tablet to me. You must be at the Clock tower at that time to return it. If you do not, it will be the worst for you.”

    That night, Greg wondered what he meant. He knew that there was only 48 hours until September 13, 2004 yet he thought about the destination. The Clock Tower. That was the most dangerous place in the world, people said. It was also the creepiest. It had thorns surrounding it, and lightning struck there more than once. It was dangerous, they say. And most of all, the last part. The words were burned into Greg’s memory.

    “You must be at the Clock tower at that time to return it. If you do not, it will be the worst for you.”

    That really scared him. What did it mean, “It will be the worst for you”? He wondered all night.

    The next day, he and Steven met up. They talked about the warning, and how Steven heard strong vibrating on the tablet. Also, he figured out who would know what the tablet said. Mr. Jones, the science teacher.

    They arrived at Mr. Jones’s door. Almost at once, the door whirred open. “What are you doing here at lunchtime, boys?” Mr. Jones asked. “We found something at the wreck yesterday. We think you might know what it says.” said the boys in unison. “Then come in, and i will see what I can do.” said Mr. Jones.

    “This is a strange tablet you’ve got here, where did you find it?” asked Mr. Jones. “In the wreck in the 2nd wing.” replied Greg. “Have you noticed anything unusual after you found this?” “Yes, it seemed to take over my computer and words popped up on my computer screen.” “What did they say?” said Mr. Jones. “Leave this please immediately. You hold a dangerous weapon. You have until 12:00 midnight on September 13, 2004 to return the tablet to me. You must be at the Clock tower at that time to return it. If you do not, it will be the worst for you.” replied Greg. “Strange.” said Mr. Jones. “It sounds like a warning.” Greg pointed out. “It also hummed whenever we thought of the word “alien”.” “Very strange.” said Mr. Jones, still analyzing it. “Aha!” he said again. “Did you figure out what it says?” asked the boys. “Yes.” “It’s in another language. It looks alien.” said Mr. Jones. Suddenly the tablet buzzed extremely loud. A huge noise filled the air. A shrieking noise. And then all of it stopped. Everything in the air fell with a crash. Then a huge sphere of blue and purple energy appeared beside the tablet. Greg, Steven, and Mr. Jones were all sucked into it, and everything disappeared.

    The vortex opened and the boys and the science professor exploded out. The vortex closed as they were brushing themselves off. “Where are we?” wondered Steven out loud. It was a barren landscape, nothing on it except the usual craters. And once, a voice sounded in all of their heads. It said: “I warned you. Your time is up. You have not returned the tablet to the Clock tower by 12:00 midnight on the 13th of September, 2004. You will now pay the price.” “What the……” said Greg. How could it be September 13th already? All of a sudden they were teleported back to Earth. But it wasn’t the normal Earth they were used to. The skies were dark green, and a huge vortex swelled at the back of the sky. “What have I done….” said Greg, unbelievably scared. “We need to find a way to stop this vortex or everybody-and I mean EVERYBODY, is doomed!” yelled Steven.

    3 hours had passed. The city was pretty much a junkyard now. The vortex had destroyed everything, and now all that was left was a wasteland of buildings and rocks. But soon the boys discovered a device called the Bloxorza, and learned it was the only way to travel back in time and stop the tablet from being created before Earth as we know it is gone.

    Well that’s like not even half of my story, as soon as I get in part 2 i will put it here.

    ICEY: Ill read it later ok?

  57. wow interesting conversation…… sigh if i could be on a blogroll WITHOUT a website tat would be awesome..

  58. Ok Ice drills.

  59. icedrills im pretty sure you still make the best headers in cp blogs

  60. Can you read my story and put it up there now???

  61. Oh…

    Do i still get anything for 2nd place?

    (Im sandystar65)

  62. Um, you still havent added http://www.burgersrule.wordpress.com

  63. once there was a doughnut
    he liked pie! so he went to the pie shop then somone ate him and his pie
    so then he kicked the persons belly the end lol

  64. S@#!

    Great stories!

  65. there was a pink elephant named dicklord. Dicklord was made fun of every day because of his gay ass name…

    The End!

  66. There once was a kid named umm… David?? I dunno… So, David was walking on the sidewalk and he ran into a telephone pole. He hit his croch so hard on the pole, that it actually went right through the pole. The pole fell on the ground, and his croch was still in it. There was nobody around to help him, and he eventually died because he didn’t get enough blood circulation in his croch. The end.

  67. LMAO!! Now that was a great lesson to be learned from that story. Keep you eye on the telephone pole when walking. 😆

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