The newspaper was made by Ice Drills. The name of the magazine is ”The Weekly Grim” (Name By Mr. Funguin)

Alpha Version 1.0 LINK REMOVED

Alpha Version 1.5 LINK REMOVED

Alpha Version 2 (ive found a few glitches: the last 2 pages have phantom pages so u need to turn twice,and the 2 page before the endsays back cover for a weird reason but hte back cover is on the back of the magazine, and on a page i said that i would make some pages untill 11 but i forgot to put numbers on them lol) Link removed

Alpha version 3 the last one ( i didnt find any glitches, and when the beta gets published the links for the alphas will be removed!) LINK REMOVED




Ice Drills (owner)

Ice Vampiro


Mohd 222

Mr Funguin


Snow Dobby

Beta version 1



  1. That’s really cool! I can’t wait til its out of alpha testing!

  2. if you click rewind it takes you to the front page. you gotta click the back button.

  3. Yeah,
    Answering the questions:
    I hate Stars:
    I pick 1 – Replace with swords and things.

    Twisted Fun –
    I pick 2 – Its cool. Gets you dizzy..

  4. Cool Ice!!

  5. hi

  6. ice can i reveal the secret now?

  7. answering the question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 remove the star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pu something else.
    1 Remove the twisted fun. Its making me dizzy!!!

  8. all it does when i see it is make a clicky noise

  9. oh never mind you have to click and drag lol

  10. thats cool put some pics on the cover

  11. can i be on the list althouh im not alpha

  12. How does it work?

  13. Did this page lose it’s purpose? It does jack!

  14. Ice Vampiro aka Fire Dragon Vampiro goes to lilguy574. Did they morph? LOL

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