Guess the pic!

Hey there, in this game i will edit a pic with adobe photoshopand you will have to guess it, if the winner has a site i will put him on my blogroll , if his already added you will choose your prize but not weird prizes or stupid prizes! If you want not to have a prize its your choice because its just a little game! WARNING: THE PIC CAN BE ANYTHING NOT ONLY CLUB PENGUIN PICS!First week pic :

Your Image

Winner is JOAO! The pic wont change untill joao chooses his prize! So go find him and tell him he won!

week 1 pic 2!
Your Image
Aguair winner of week 1 pic 2

last pic of the week!
pic 3

Your Image

winner JOAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next 3 pics will be added on the next friday , stay tunned!!! see ya!


week 2 picture 1



  1. santa claus in gangster version??????

  2. easy, smoking santa a mad santa 😛

  3. no no!! u were close!

  4. Hi!

    I commented! GORILLA!!!

  5. lol no

  6. the guy from halo??
    or a storm tropper!

  7. wait no it isnt i didnt get a good look i only looked at the face

  8. its santa after he just got out of the dirtiest chimney ever!

  9. IS THE SANTA???

  10. lol no thats just for ppl not to understand that easy who he is all wrong by now

  11. its a santa but what santa

  12. Evil santa or santa claws???


  14. w00f store guy got it right!!!!!! joao what prize do u want?



  17. ME???



  20. 😦

  21. Hey,
    Its santa!!

  22. lion, tiger?

  23. #2
    its a giant squirrel!!!

  24. Holla!

    Week 1, Pic 2 =

    A cookie!

    w00t. Can I eat it now?


  25. Its a cookie in the 2 pic and my prize could be a picture of a teddy bear but the teddy bear face is whit my penguin face!!!!!

  26. oh well the second one is a flaming pie from hell obviously i mean everyone knows that! lol


  27. also can i have a prize for being the most coolest person to ever exist? Guess not.


  28. PIC 2 a chicken on a plate lol

  29. this is for fun the first one i thought is gangster santa 😆

  30. Pic 2: Its a hell cookie or an evil cookie!!!
    I want a teddy bear but the teddy bear face is whit my penguin face!!!!!

  31. Pic 3:penguin

  32. Its a plice penguin or a army penguin!!!!

  33. dude i said not stupid or weird prizes!

  34. I mean police!!!!

  35. The penguin on ur dp

  36. Ok,a gold penguin, like a trothy or something!!!

  37. wrooooooong

  38. We are commenting a the same time and I think its a penguin,a police penguin or an army penguin!!!!

  39. yes its a penguin but the penguin has a style! whats its style!

  40. My could be a gold penguin like a trothy!!!!

  41. It a hell penguin or a evil penguin????

  42. A devil penguin????

  43. A penguin blooding???

  44. no!!1

  45. Disco penguin or a pirate penguin???

  46. noooooooooooooooo its a ca….. style penguin

  47. I know it… it’s in there somewhere! lol

  48. Its a candy penguin???

  49. no lol car….

  50. Oh, and Ice, is there any I could be on your blogroll?? You’re on mine!

  51. Hey we’re on at like the same time!!

  52. yes if u win u can request it

  53. Its a caramel penguin,care penguin,cary penguin, carol penguin or card penguin???

  54. Its carnival penguin????

  55. its a cart… style penguin

  56. Car driver penguin or a cart penguin????

  57. Cartel penguin or a carty penguin????

  58. Carting penguin????

  59. You there?I need an answer quick!!!!

  60. nooo its no

  61. cartoon style penguin

  62. omg correct finally a winner!

  63. Holla!

    A penguin, the one like on Gooner’s avatar!


  64. dude u didnt email me the pass for ur new site 😦

  65. Holla!

    I’ll do that know =)

    Do you still use M–R… or a new one?


  66. yea!!!!! i have my old one

  67. Holla!

    And can you change Aguair on your blogroll to

    Thanks 😉


  68. ok i got it

  69. dude i added u again i wont remove because u were the first ever i added

  70. Holla!

    Nice 😉 I would appreciate if you could put a star before Aguair’s new site though! lol, you don’t have to edit that special link 😉


  71. ok wait i will put the star

  72. Sherk or a goblin???

  73. Week 2: Pic 1: A penguin in the ghost costume, santa hat, blue glasses, lime green cape, red guitar, boots

  74. Ice, I also have guess the pic page!!!!

  75. A cazmo guy or a elf???

  76. A rocker elf???

  77. pic #3 its some ones hand drwn pixel penguin i think.. liek the one yankateer has for avatar exept diff. clothes
    talledega aka lilguy574

  78. i mean week 2 pic 1

  79. Ok sorry joao and talle but pear won. The answer was only penguin but pear said what that penguin is wearing so i think ice drills will make for him a special prize.

  80. YAY ME!

  81. Now don’t comment more for that pic cuz i got!

  82. as in the pic for week 2: pic 1

  83. for my prize can it actually be a prize instead of getting on the blog roll?

  84. I’d rather have a prize. I don’t care much for the blog roll.

  85. what about a banner for your site?????????

  86. Sorry I signed out of MSN. My computer was having issues. Can I have lots of coins as my prize.

  87. Ice drills send me what to say
    Ice drills: no i said on msn thats an insane prize

  88. k. in didn’t see cuz my computer was having issues and it signed me off

  89. i guess i’ll just go with the blog roll.

  90. is that one pixel penguin???

  91. Week 2 Picture 1 Pixel Member Penguin

  92. dddddddddduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu im just randaaaaa mmm lol

  93. Thats rally hard but is it a mad santa?

  94. Its not a penguin everyone does that look like a pixel penguin or a normal penguin???

  95. last one is a pixel penguin

  96. Really?

  97. It is Evil santa,: Santa Claws!

  98. Week 2: Pic 1: A penguin in the ghost costume, santa hat, blue glasses, lime green cape, red guitar, boots

    Oh yeah! i got it! YEA!
    ps. dont listen to Pear24 i got it first!

  99. no! i did!

  100. look through the comments! i had it first!

  101. Hey Ice, on ur blogroll, it says Waddle3773 and Waddle3388’s site, could you change it to Waddle3773’s site and the link –


    Week 2 Pic 1:
    Penguin in clothes like what Danzo draws?

  102. kewl site!!!

    can i be on ur blogroll? thanks!


  103. Week 2 pic 1
    No clue lol

  104. week 2 pic 1
    a penguin

  105. week 2 pic 1= pixel penguin!

  106. is the last one ur peng?


  108. the last one is a picture! hehe

  109. Its like a penguin wearing the ghost costume and a guitar and a green scarf and blue superhero mask!!!

    The 3rd one!!

  110. is the first santa claus holdin a sniper???

  111. Yeah the last one is a penguin wearing a ghoat cosutme gutiar and stuff

  112. First is gangsta claus?

  113. The first one is a santa holding a rifle?

  114. number is a rapping penguin!!!

  115. 3

  116. or a penguin (normal)

  117. Latest is a penguin with ghost costume blue glasses green scarf guitar
    PS u getting my comments?

  118. If i win i dont wanna be added to the blogroll
    i want another prize

  119. pear24 got it right ice drills.

  120. pear didnt comment pappy

  121. oh

  122. a clown!

  123. dang, cartoon penguin was so easy why couldnt yall guess that! lol. and week2 picture 1 is a picture of a penguin wearing a red black party hat, a flame guitar, and a ghost sheet. but it mustve been drawn with some type of computer program! if I win I want a really cool header with the title Master Graphics.

  124. a cp penguin wearing gutar and ghost sheet easy 😀
    p.s kewl site

  125. uuuuh soemthing with a ghost coustume on but it looks more cartoonish then CP’s….

  126. A scribbled penguin?

  127. A blurry penguin?

  128. it is a pixel penguin with a red guitar and a hat

  129. hmmm week 3 a ninja frog =}


  131. a gansta santa i like tat ;}

  132. A Penguin wearing:
    Santa Hat, Green Cape, Ghost Costume, Blue Sunglasses, Red Guitar, And Those Brown Slippers

  133. Penguin drawn by Danzoyet?

  134. Gangster santa smoking

  135. week 2 picture 1 is a penguin in a ghost suit and party hat

  136. Kids next door special agent penguin 🙂

  137. its a ghost cross penguin??

  138. The last one is Doopless
    I know these things 😯

  139. A Pixel Penguin

  140. easy a normal penguin you mean I now these things

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