Posted by: Asmodeus | August 16, 2012

Zipo, where are you?

I hope you see this soon enough



  1. Well isn’t this a hoot? I got my own post! I didn’t see this prior to posting on the other post….

    I am worthy aren’t I?! hahahahahahahahah

    Ice… take care… I have your back…always!

  2. I AM

  3. Ignore my stupidity, I read “I hope you’re back” instead of “I have your back” lol

  4. Dude, do you have a facebook or something?

  5. Oh fuck you left again, see you in 1.5 years again I guess? God damnit Zipo

  6. I hope you come back soon ._. (this is like giving a lollipop to a child and immediately taking it away from it) Goodnight (it’s 11:50 pm here)

    • I want my own lolli, no doulbe licking!

      Can’t believe it has been that long… 1.5 years. Man you must be really old by now. hahahahahahahahahah

      Don’t do much interaction on computers other than for research for papers. I am absolutely tethered to my phone some days. I am either vibrating or beeping. I will visit ya more often!

      Get some beauty sleep in the mean time! And remember to brush your teeth! xd!!!!

  7. Old? I’m only 17, how old are you again? Oh so that’s why it took you 1.5 years to comment again. Btw, how come you’re still coming here? I mean, aren’t there more interesting websites to visit? Lol

    • Well I am older than you….

      And yah, more interesting sites, just not as old school. It is just a miss and a hit.

      Be well ice!

      • How much older? Well i stopped visiting lots of sites, I mostly visit youtube nowadays, watching Numberphile, Minutephysics, Vsauce etc

        • Happy New Year!

          • Happy New Year Zipo!

            • Zipo, have you ever played CP before? I mean, you came here in 2009 ( i think?) and was just commenting and talking to me about everything non-cp related. I just realised that I’ve never met you on CP

  8. HI GUYS! Missed you both!

  9. HEY PPL! I started CP with the Christmas Party in 2006. It was a hit and a miss then. I didn’t always get on the CP site on a regular basis. I only discovered ppl… through other ppl’s site. I think I found you here. I found Icey through Blinkingyo… Logan. Logan I think was “on staff” here and it got kinda ugly… as I remember… Ice accused Logan of hacking his blog. It was epic at the time… and now… rather funny … another CP WAR! hahaha Lynn, how have you been? And of course Ice “RULES”. (Forever?) 🙂

  10. * I mean I found Lynn here.

  11. PS… remember that Beta thing we did for a UK site for CP? Well, you were on at the time I was and you “friended me”. I was so .. like “Wow”! You might come off like a tough cookie… but you might be more a “suger cookie”. xd!!! U R good!

  12. what beta thing we did for a UK site for cp? I remember nothing ._. What’s your name on cp? I have no one called zipo on it.

    I remember Logan but i don’t remember accusing him for anything or even having him as an admin here haha

    • It was for CP being brought to the UK. We got a little hat. Aw well. We didn’t get to keep that particular set-up after the party was over for it. Disney took all away.

      He was Coolpengue before he was Blinkingyo. I actually think I came here first through Ag’s site. You were an administrator there. And I was Zipo7 on Cp.

  13. I think I used a penguin named Tbyrd1 for that particular beta test.

  14. What year are you we even talking about?

    • I had to look that up… it seems like 100 years ago. It was the CPIP March 2008. YouTube it.

      • Oh I don’t remember it but yeah I was playing CP back then. (btw i cant find any of your penguins on my friend list )

        • No matter…. but take a look at Ag’s blog. I indeed know when you were playing CP. I have a memory like a steal trap. lol

          From Ag’s old blog. . .

          New video & CONTEST STARTS & Ice Drills awesome header – Rate!
          November 28, 2007 at 6:37 pm Keith 100 comments


          He always started with…. Holla! Holla lot of what? hahaha

          • Wow, 5 and a half years ago, time flies!

            Yeah, good old Ag and his “Holla!”

            • He had like 3 or 4 blogs after that. We went on talking until 2 yrs. ago. He had a YouTube blog… but I stop visiting there too.

              So what are you up to these days? School? Major time invested there.

              • yeah, school. But in 3 months Ill be done with it. Finally, after almost 12 years!

                • Well, I beat ya to it. Graduated well over a year ago. College….. is rather fun. Some days you just say… not today! And life goes on!!

                  • College eh? What are you majoring in?

                    • I left a message before.. it is in the spam.

                      but… just claimed a major…

                    • it was pending moderation and weirdly enough i didnt receive an email for it, so, which major have you claimed?

  15. at the moment…. I have yet to declare a major. I’m a floater. hahahah

  16. Liberal arts and humanities/( includes museum Nomenclature). I have lived in 3 different countries. I am a nomad. hahahahah I have more time to think on this. It doesn’t detetermin my career path. I have to time think on my minor too.

    My mother and aunt have been curators at the Lourvre and D orsay in Paris…

    I may visit your country… and draw you, put you on a canvas.. and tell everyone you are a GREAT WORK OF ART! 🙂

    Cypress is hot and happening!

    Have you given thought to your future? Can I expect to see you on a new venture?

  17. Cyprus*

    Ahh, I’m going to study Computer Science and probably master in video game development or mobile applications or even computer security, still not sure about which master to choose.

  18. Dang, I was going to say computer science would my guess for you, from graphics to security, which may require less math or programming. I hate math. But the programming is awesome. Yah, sounds good for you. BECOME THE NEXT INTERNET SENSATION

    On spring break. Looking forward to a few concerts… or a road trip. Or sleep, it is cheaper. hahah

    • Hmmm combine the road trip with lots of sleep 🙂

      • I did indeed!

        • Zipo, which college do you go to?

  19. One of higher learning! xd! It’s a very small, private, undergraduate liberal arts college. How about you?

    • I go to a private college and major in english, history and german. Cant wait till its over!

  20. sounds all good in the hood! Hey ice….asmodeus…

    • hey zipo…zipo…? sup

  21. It’s Aguair :O

    • Holy fucking shit, I thought you died or something . I tried looking for you a few years ago but to no avail. What’s up man?

      • Nah I just completely forgot about blogging!

        I’m at University now doing Computer Science :O Life got serious pretty fast 😛 What about you?

        • Ha lucky you. I’m currently serving my time in the army, when I’m done (424 more days!) with the army I’ll study Computer Science too. Which university are you at? Also, how come you decided to come here after all these years? 😛

          • Ah cool, is the army mandatory in Cyprus or are you doing it by choice? How is it?

            I’m at the University of Edinburgh. Currently have two more exams coming up this week then I’m done for the Summer 😀

            I dunno to be honest, I remembered and went to check on my old site (for old times sake) and then started looking at the blogs in my blogroll. Was very surprised when I saw you and Zipo chatting only a few months ago! It’s cool to catch up with people and see what they’re doing now.

            • It’s mandatory unfortunately! It’s a waste of time really, 2 productive years of my life down the drain :/

              I see you haven’t moved out of your home country 😉

              Yeah, in 2012 I said to myself “what are all my CP friends doing?” and started looking for them. I tried to get in contact with you but your blog was deleted and the only e-mail address of yours I remember is one that you were using back in 2007(the one with your full name). I doubted that you’d be using that e-mail address to this day cause I remember you having quite a few e-mail addresses so I decided not to e-mail you on that one (funny enough, I received a spam e-mail from that address of yours not too long ago)

              • Ah that sucks, fortunately we don’t have that here 🙂

                Unfortunately is gone since I stopped paying for the domain but is still up and running. I could never take it down, too many memories (albeit slightly cringey).

                I still do use that email address in fact, it was created in 1999 so it’s a bit of a cherished item! The email I use now mostly is krd ‘at’ live ‘dot’ co ‘dot’ uk, feel free to email me on that one.

                What have you been up to in the past few years apart from the army? 🙂

                • Oh wow I didn’t think you’d still be using it! I guess I’m still using the same e-mail from back then too (but mine isn’t from 1999 😉 ) Eh nothing much really, I finished school, been playing some video games, boring old me actually. But I’m kinda sick of all this, I want to study and get a job already. How about you? By the way, do you happen to have Facebook or Skype?

                  • Well I don’t really use it that often, the only things I have set up to using it are old things but I still check it. I also had but I forgot my password.

                    What video games do you play the most? I’ve just finished school last summer and went straight into University last September. Been doing some office work in the Summers, mainly stuff like cleaning up their servers and maintaining their website. Since then I’ve just been doing Uni things, playing a lot of FIFA and GTA.

                    My Skype is: keithydee 😀

                    • I’m currently playing Dark Souls 2, when I’m done with it I’m going back to playing GTA V. I couldn’t play it much because of the army (I get to go home only twice a week and even then It’s only for a few hours before I have to go back to my base) By the way, I just added you on Skype

  22. Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just just checked into the halls of all our old wordpress blogs. OMG!!!!! Who knew I would find a message or two?! Love it! God I miss this old stuff! On a summer break. Would it not be epic for us all to group back up and post where we are now and just hang out! Remember the fights, remember the drama, JUST REMEMBER!!! I always used a bogus email, so I will try it again. It is etched in my brain. Good luck Icey! And Keith… i use to get up like 6. a.m. just to read your posts. I can’t believe it now. God help me Jesus…. youth and Club Penguin ruled. ROFL

  23. Hell-o my old friend

  24. Hey, sorry for taking this long to come back to you, for some reason your comments werent automatically approved and i didnt even get an email to approve them

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