Posted by: Asmodeus | August 23, 2009


Watch this, i almost died from laughted lol. It’s a fail pictures compilation.



  1. hahahahahah,,,, now that is what I’m talking about! It was like, find the butt in each pic. If you they were showing it,they were acting like one. (or had their hand in it…… LOL!)
    For the lulz!!!! πŸ˜† (

  2. you mean it was like find the psycho in each pic

  3. How come every time I come on there are 3 ppl on. Well I am one of them, but who are the other 2? Psychos? ROFL πŸ‘Ώ

    OMG, it is probably that bot you wrestled with!!!

  4. lol

  5. OMG!!!! I haven’t been here for days…and already there are 2 on. This is weirding me out. Someone or something is stalking me!

    Well it is understandable. I am pretty cool. xD

  6. Wow we have 4 on. So on the visitor map… I can see them, but why aren’t they commenting?

  7. am i the fucking only one that cant see the who’s among us widget?

    p.s. they’re probably masturbating to the vid, nah

    • Yep ur the only one that can’t see it. I’m in my iPod and I can see it.

  8. I got all the towns and countries they are posting from. I am not kidding you, I had no idea you had this many ppl and countries that viewed this site. Amazing! Now why don’t they comment?

    We must over power them. LOL

  9. Say something Canada πŸ™‚

  10. It’s 1:30 in the morning ice, are you up?

    Where the heck is everyone?

  11. they’re masturbating in their closets…shhhh….

  12. There are 3 on now. As long as they keep the door closed on the closet, we won’t out them.

    (Well maybe the German! ROFL)

  13. lala

  14. No it’s fa la la la. And it is in the key of G. Or maybe F. xD!

  15. The other guy that is now, from the UK can sing it with us. Or maybe he is in the closet. LMAO!

  16. I keep trying to go on with ya…. you are always off line. Well anyway… how was your first day back at prison?

  17. Personne Bonjour de France!

  18. Comment est-il aujourd’hui en France?

  19. they tried to make us drink poison

  20. xD!!!!! But you got away by using your quick survival skills. That mercenary class paid off at last.

  21. and before all this happened ive put c4 packs under all the desks and bellow every single thing that could hide them, i think you know what happened after i escaped

  22. You ran and covered your a$$? LMAO

  23. Vous voir mon bon ami

  24. idk what the fuck you just said but anyway, im going to sleep

  25. It doesn’t matter what I said.Go night night….


  26. any young kids want 2 cum 2 mai house im lonly

  27. cum? young kids? lonely? lol pedophile win

  28. I will! I am lonely. ツ
    Maybe I can teach to spell too! Or…..OMG! xD!!!

    And Funguin isn’t talking to me anymore.

  29. Well forget it… no one is talking to me…. bye

  30. and you stopped going on msn

  31. no, I do go on. But by the time I get there because of my schedule… you aren’t on line. 😦

  32. i just checked when was the last time you signed in and it said 36 days ago D:

  33. Then “it” would be wrong. D:

  34. I just went on again…. it is 4pm my time. You are not on line. You are never on line when I sign in. I surrender. Kill me. xD

  35. I killed Funguin. He was a deserter. He went AWOL and then came back and threw me over. So …. his loss. LOL

    • I’ve been here all along, but you havn’t been commenting on the right posts πŸ˜†

      • What? Why did I not see this? OMG…. Mr F … he was here all along? SPEAK UP!!!!!

  36. -.-

  37. so when it was 4 pm your time it was 12 am midnight my time lol.

  38. I will be at your house around 7:30ish tomorrow…Halloween time.

    I will be the one that says Trick or Treat. You then will fork over the good stuff. Don’t make me put a spell on ya. I want only the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAPISH ❓

  39. I will be at your house around 7:30ish tomorrow…Halloween time.

    I will be the one that says Trick or Treat. You then will fork over the good stuff. Don’t make me put a spell on ya. I want only the good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAPISH

  40. thank god we dont celebrate Halloween in Cyprus

  41. fuck, im bored

  42. That was the spell I put on you!!!! It workded!!! πŸ˜†

  43. THIS…IS…BULLSHIT!!!! *kicks zipo off a cliff”

  44. zipo…are you still coming here?

  45. YeS! But you killed me, so I can’t talk.

    O$hit… I just did. It’s a freggin miracle!

  46. OH SHIT, YOU’RE ALIVE. DUCK N’ COVER!!!! Anyway, im fucking bored, got any news? I may post a vid sooner or later to update the god damn front page

  47. Yes I lived! You only thought you kicked me off a cliff. I had my parachute on. Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 meters below.

    New? I can hold my breath under water for 9 minutes. I tried for 10 but I farted and lost all my air. xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New post is needed!!!!

  48. Oh god, im sick D:

  49. Uhhhgggg me 2. Hatez it. Anyway zipo ill make u pay (streds extra parachutes) *kicks zipo off cliff* AGAIN!

  50. I have to chnge my freakin pic. Im over that… And wats with the dude attracting kids to maui with lollipops and sh**, dude its not the 1970’s anymore, get a life!

  51. Lolwut?

  52. I think it is too hostile here for me.

    Blue genius has a dead site maybe cuz the dudes brain dead too!

  53. not again with this sex type thing. blue genius is a SHE not a HE. capiche?

  54. Haha thnx ice, dude im not the one brain dead. I just dnt have the Internet power to delete. I’m not kidding. My Internet direct satillite (Hughes net) crashes if u go kve bull limit. I cnt watch YouTube or do anything it’s just websites and googleing stuff. It’s the only Internet available for my area. Hughes net is. Price of crap.

  55. and i thought my ISP was bad lol

  56. Ha! I thot u got it fixed by a dumb asz repair dude. Anyway zipo. U there?

  57. the technician didnt do jack-shit, i just changed ISP

  58. Oh wow lol nice hmmm I need to use the instant messanger more often

  59. zipo died…again

  60. @Icey: You know Karpolo? :/

  61. I don’t just die…. I am killed. I can’t keep coming back to life. I am no damn cat!!!

  62. LIES!!!!

  63. Delusional !!!!

    No mΓ‘s

  64. Haha! Lol

  65. Ice AND zip died! Shit, now what?

  66. im still alive

  67. I’m alive as well.

  68. I’m always here if somebody needs something. Hey zipo

  69. Heyo Icey

    I need something. Anything is something right?

    What’s ya got?

  70. Fresh milk and fish

  71. OMG…. I got stuck in Scotland and then England because of the volcano, and they served that to me almost everyday. As long as you are not on a Kosher diet, you will be fine. I was beginning to wonder if they were cat people. Then my eyesight improved and now I can see in the dark much better.

    That was all a lie, except for being stuck in Scotland and England. ☺!

    So, what’s up with you?

  72. nothing really, started going out with my friends more often, bought lots of games ( lol ) and all that kind of stuff. i dont give a shit about school, i never study and i still get high marks, im fucking awesome

  73. God I missed your sense of humor!

    So what do you and your friends do when you go out? Besides being awesome?

    I haven’t played any video games in ages.

  74. All kinds of stuff actually (except getting laid D: )

  75. You joker!!!! Was getting laid even an option?

    I am trying to balance school and travel. Sex wasn’t on the list of things to do. Damn! I don’t think I could have fit it in on my schedule. =]

    So are you close to the end of your school year?

  76. yeah, half a month before the exams begin

  77. Same here. Almost.

    So what is the plan of action for your vacation time? Other than being awesome… and not getting laid. πŸ˜†

    How is your brother in the army? I remember you said he was in the service.

  78. nothing really, as for my brother he is fine, this is hist last month in the army and then he will go to university

  79. GREAT, your bro is coming home!

    Well stay out of trouble on your break! If there is an increase in population, they may trace it back to you! ROFL

    I am going to work again this summer at a forest preserve. Ah the great outdoors. The smell of POOP in the air! hahahahahahah

    Do you ever talk to xMrFunguin? He doesn’t post much. I try to keep in touch there too.

  80. yeah i talk to him on msn

  81. Cool! It is good to have such lasting friendships! Even if we don’t know who the hell we are talking to. We could be anyone from any-low-life piece of shit. πŸ˜† Meh, we are all good!!!! I am sure of that.

    Are you still watching the critters channel?

  82. yeah. p.s. im a 50 year old pedophile disguised as a 15 year old to trick everyone on this blog. mwahahaha

  83. It’s been good talking with Icey!

    Well give us your best shot! LOL

  84. SHI_! I missed D:

  85. You never could shoot straight! =]

  86. i see what you did there!

  87. What?

  88. well at least my dirty mind saw what you did there lol.

    “Well give us your best shot! LOL”

    “SHI_! I missed D:”

    “You never could shoot straight! =]”

    sounds like a cumshot to me lol

  89. I have no idea what you are talking about!

    You are far and away the deviate mind on this one. lol

  90. you need a dirty mind to figure it out πŸ˜€

  91. You need to go to church! You need some religion.


  92. God will get ya! xd!!!

  93. Where did my vids go?

  94. just approved them. they were lost in the abyss

  95. That’s because God and the Devil were trying to get your soul! hahahahaha

  96. maybe 😈

  97. πŸ‘Ώ walks. I seen it!

  98. i didnt get it 😈

  99. hahahaha

    I was going to translate it, but wanted to see if ya could figure it out.

    The emote is evil. πŸ‘Ώ So it reads ‘evil walks. I seen it! ‘

    I have ya know. It stands upright … on two big feet. Ugly as hell. xd!

  100. got it lol.

  101. You got what? Does it itch?

  102. got herpes D: Anyway, got to go. im fucking tired tonight.

  103. Do you kiss yo mama with that mouth?


    Playing Pac-man on the internet. Today is the 30 anniversary … free games … google tool bar mini game.

  104. actually its not a google toolbar mini game. its the new logo of

  105. Yah, that is what I was trying to say. But I think it is just temporary logo for the pac-man anniversary. Yah, that’s it. lol

    It almost got hot today. Must be the ash from the volcano. That sucker got me stuck in Scotland. Then London. I should have made some Wiener Schnitzel.

  106. I was reading that dudes comment. Crazy shit! xd!

  107. Last person out. . .

    shut the door!

  108. OH SHIT D: I remember receiving an email that you posted a comment but i forgot to reply . lol sorry mate

  109. I came through a portal and am now a futuristic gladiator in a death match with robots. =]

    Have a good weekend Icey!

  110. And Im a chicken with the powers of Death 😈 Have a good weekend too

  111. We are grilling the chicken! So death was eminent. It was a gas powered grill. So it was gassed!

  112. Now im hungry. fuuuuuuuck yoouuuuuuuuuu. jk

  113. And the chicken too? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhaaaa

    We all know you love your critters to death!

  114. What’s opn the grill at your house this weekend?

  115. wut?

  116. wut????? πŸ˜†

    I was trying to say…. “what is on the grill at your house this weekend?”

    I had chicken last weekend. So what are you burning up? (Try and work with me on this. LOL!)

  117. Worms, parasites, ant larvae, slugs. and other delicious treats! jk. no grill this time πŸ˜› spaghetti with mince, ketchup and crumbled halloumi (halloumi is a kind of cheese made in cyprus) FTW!

  118. Now that is using the old noodle and meatball!!

    Never had hallomi. There is a halo on me head though.

    Ketchup with ya later

    God I am so freaking witty. πŸ˜†

  119. Watch out for mayonnaise shitting birds.

  120. Too late.

  121. Anybody home?



  124. oh you are alive. hai

  125. zzZZzz

    You woke me up yelling.

    Wats up?

  126. Really bored actually. This summer has been the worst so far -_- . How’re you?

  127. I am not alone. There are like 4 other ppl on this site right now. HOLY …..

    Bored is minor. I think I might be in a coma. πŸ˜†

    By the time August arrives… it is too damn hot and I have done about everything 100 times and start to think sleeping is all that is left! When a good movie comes out it is like a frickn’ holiday.
    Went to see Salt last weekend with a bunch of friends. It was good.

    What’s happening with you? Are you back in school now or have you decided to skip the country? πŸ˜›

    I wonder who these ppl are? They are just sitting there watching. Show yourselves you cowards! hahahahahaha I think I better leave now. hahahahahah

  128. I guess I showed them! They all left.


  129. Nah, still holidays here, i’ve still have a month and a a few more days before i go to school again. woo hoo! What’s salt? Never heard of that movie before. There are no other people now 😦 NOOOOO

  130. Spies~ Love em’

    They are everywhere… you just can’t see them.


  131. My comment above is in the black hole. Youtube is to blame. They are a bunch of spies …

  132. I saved your comment from the void of the black hole

  133. Where you saving it? In your treasure box?

  134. Dont tell anyone…but yes :]

    • hahahahaha

      What else you got in there?

  135. So screamed my name… woke me up… and you don’t have anything more to say?

    What did you do this summer so far?

  136. Surely you have been doing some critter watching… gaming… playing some roundball… hanging out with the mates. What was the highlight of the summer so far?

  137. Please dont say “critter watching” again lol It reminds me of bestiality xD . Highlight of the summer for me? A game i bought ahahaha. Almost all my friends are on vacations and im left here alone D:

    • Critter Critter Critter…. lol.

      What game?

      I went on vacation already. Went to Scotland. Got stuck there due to volcano.
      Airports are full of scary looking ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Pack your bag and leave when they get back and then they will miss you ❗

  138. I have a question for you by the way. How often do you check this site for any comments? xD Because most of teh times when i ask if there is anybody here you answer within a couple of days lol

    • You some kind of internet police?

      I try to check on friends blogs at least 2 to 3x’s a month. Sometimes more if I am bored.

      • Nah, just found it weird xD

        • I am weird? Harsh….

          • No, you’re awesome if you’re still visiting to a dead site xD

            • Yah, my middle name is Awesome. πŸ˜†

              Speaking of which (dead site), this post is taking longer to load. In fact, in might be a load. hahahaha Maybe it is a good time to for a new page. Flip the tablet so to speak. Clean slate…

  139. the game’s called Demon’s Souls and its an RPG. Im now on my second playthrough which is 50% harder than the first. I put almost 90 hours into the game so far

  140. GET out!!! Man you must be a hardcore gamer. Never could play a game that long and still get a rush! hahah

  141. I am a hardcore gamer πŸ™‚ Gaming’s my hobby for like forever. I also play the guitar and bass. I would get out if there was actually anyone to go out with. Fucking vacations

  142. oh and i forgot to mention, i got this game less than 4 weeks ago

  143. anyway man. ive got to go now. ive got a headache and ill go get some sleep. bai

  144. Wowzer, I went out to eat and when I came back… it was like the most I have heard ya talk ever. πŸ˜›

    Yah, pretty much new you were a gamer.

    You play the guitar?! BASS 😯 How long have you been playing?

  145. *knew …brain dead here!

  146. i’ve been playing the guitar for 6 years and started playing the bass 1.5 years ago

  147. So basically half your life? That is so cool. By now you must be pretty dang good. A real “guitar hero”. : )

  148. not half my life xD im 15

  149. ROFL…. I was waiting for ya to respond on that ….hahaha

  150. Hey there are 4 ppl on…. who are the other two?

    SPIES . . . hahaha

  151. yeah xD effing spies. stalkers!!!

  152. What the hell just happened? I left this epic comment and my computer went to la la land?

    Now I have to remember what I said. BIG STRETCH THERE… Ok I will give it a go.

    I said for the record…

    Well them watch me eat a bug. I grilled it first.
    WATS UP ICEY????


  154. wut???? you told me to wake up a minute after you left a comment? its not like i havent answered for 10 days xD. what happened to your computer?

    • O yeah, that’s true. My bad. I can’t count in days. I don’t have a calendar either. I must find one. What day is it? hahahaha

      I have no idea what happened to the computer it just was acting wonkie. I think it was those ppl who spy here. I think they were using some kind of voodoo on me. But then I was so tired I may have just been dreaming I was here. hahah

      Wow look at the ‘top clicks” button. Someone is liking it a lot.

      So hope eveyone is back from their vacations and you someone to hang with!

  155. yeah, i have someone now to go out with but not everyone’s back. well better that nothing

    • Depends. Sometimes it is nothing is better than what ya get. xd!

      Well good. You always have your games though. Some new ones coming out soon. I just looked in my closet and saw my Game Boy on the shelf Tetris got me through some long dry spells. Ah, those were the days.

      • Tetris xD watch the vid

        • Hilarious!!!! You sexist piece of…. gamer you. Hahah Well I probably did get it from my mom. But it was one of my first games and it kept me off the streets and out of the bars. Xd!!!

          Not all of us can be blood and guts. πŸ˜†

          C’est La Vie

          • I like tetris but im not good at it xD

            • I’m no good at any of those games. But they is sosooo fun.

              Looking at the ads for Birth By Sleep. Now I can do that, sleep that is.

              • AHAHA nice one. I wish my psp wasnt broken xD I would love to play Birth By Sleep ( i loved Kingdom Hearts 2) or even better they should start developing Kingdom Hearts 3! But that wont happen until the studio finally finishes developing Final Fantasy versus XIII -_- I hate it japanese game development studios for 1 reason, they want perfectionism. Gran turismo 5 was in development for 6 fucking years, its gonna be released this November.

  156. *have someone to hang with

    Maybe I should start using a pencil. My typing is bad, my memory is bad, I’m bad. :mrgreen:

    I went over and gave Funguin some grief too. It is still in moderation though. He is getting slow too! OLD does that to ya. xd!

  157. This looks like a living website, though again the problem being that the comments were last over a year ago. I’m trying to find old friends. And it’s been hours, so I would really like a response, don’t even know most of you but you were on old ‘blogrolls’ of the people my old ‘blogrolls’ so if you’re there,… yeah. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  158. I remember you but it’s been ages since I stopped playing CP that most memories from it are faded out

  159. But you’re not here xD

  160. Where did the monkey go? hahaha

    Get out, you don’t remember CP? Were like drugged out? Who can forget CP? Funguin is back… or someone is …calling himself Funguin. He maybe an impersonator.

    Happy New Year Icey ❗

  161. Happy new year Zipo! What monkey? xD I don’t really think Funguin is back, are you sure? I’ll ask him next time he signs in on MSN. What’s up?

  162. Zippo, are you still here?

  163. Ice…. are you well? Are you in school? Are you still cool?

    Think of ya …. and wonder!

    Be well!!!!

    And try to spell my name right … ok? I mean… if ya love me… ROFL!

  164. And Funguin is back… what is his real name… something like Irfran… but it sure isn’t funguin. xd!

  165. Now look who showed up, yeah it’s Irfan. Damn, I had a couple of nostalgic flashbacks about CP back in August and started looking for you guys

  166. I left a comment on Lynne’s site but I guess she has long abandoned it, hell she might have stopped using that e-mail address too

    • Lynn has been gone since they invented double sided sticky tape…. a long long long time ago. Everyone is gone. Yah, I do that as well, think of ppl and try to hunt them down. Damn near a stalker some nights. πŸ™‚

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