Posted by: Asmodeus | June 9, 2009

This is how im feeling today…

FUCKING BORED!! Tomorrow i give Maths exam and on Friday i give gay ass history exam -_-. I had 5 minutes to spare so i wasted them to draw a smiley of how im feeling today….retarded.




  1. Ya look good! I imagined you many times. But, this wasn’t it. Somehow I pictured you with more hair. You are looking a tad jaundice! But maybe you are just eating a lot of yellow veggies lately. I thought maybe you would have black or brown eyes, but not crazy assed. The tongue… maybe you ought to see a dr. And always remember….
    Drool is not cool ❗

    Don’t think of it as wasting 5 minutes of your time. Think of it as investing 5 minutes of your time amusing yourself and your visitors. You are so lucky to still have crayolas! XD!!!!!

  2. should i take this as a compliment ? lol

  3. Ah, if it works for you and it gets me points with ya….. sure!

    So you should be getting ready to slam the door behind ya on school. So what’s your game plan for summer break?

  4. Ok, a no response is good. LOL

    Got it! XD

  5. lol

  6. btw i failed maths exam lol i barely got a 70 out of 100 xD

  7. Wow hard test! Bummer. Well I guess you won’t be an accountant. Maybe you will be a smiley face artists when you grow up. 😎

  8. 😎

  9. Zipo, Please make an MSN!

    • I don’t I am going to broadcast my email address on the internet. Weirdos ya know. 😉 Present company excluded~

  10. Think …. I forgot say think..cuz I didn’t think. lol

  11. you my sir, managed to confuse me

  12. lol …. I confuse myself!

    I must have had a brain fart. I meant to say… I am not printing out my email address on the internet for every weirdo to see. You guys aren’t weirdos though. Sometimes kinda strange, but in a good way. XD

  13. well man you can post a link along with your e-mail so it will go into moderation. then ill give your email to funguin to add you on msn and then ill add you too, easy 😎

  14. yasa

    Θα το σκεφτώ!

    I’m undercover. Don’t blow it. 😆

  15. ok if u will think about it 😛

  16. Ne

  17. yes what?

  18. Ναι Σκέφτομαι

    Try to keep up!!! 😆

  19. then think about it already, its been a month

  20. Here I found this. I thought he looked a little like you through the eyes. I will post the vid below this one so you get it out of the black hole.

  21. omg why is it posted like that? i hope this isnt a new feature of wordpress -_- well at least it puts comments with normal links into moderation

  22. Huh? Did this just show up without moderation? If that is the case…. I am going to post some more. Look out …. incoming =]

  23. Crap … I did it again.

    Huh? Did this just show up without moderation? If that is the case…. I am going to post some more. Look out …. incoming =]

  24. Look the pink teapot is back in business. LMaO

  25. I hit the motherload! Yes wordpress has been doing this for quite sometime, but I didn’t think it would get through your fortress guard.

    You are in my power now. LOL

  26. lol 😛

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