Posted by: Asmodeus | April 29, 2009

Me haz an idea

Liek hai2u!

*tries to cough but burps instead* whoops 😯

Me haz an idea!! Once a week or two ill be re-posting old posts (most of the times my fav posts).

Anyway here is one from August, its title is “How to be a homo on CP(LOL)”


This post was made for lulz and not offend homosexuals. None of the people who took part on making the post is a homo. Now here is the post. Thank you!

Credit to Puffer19 for giving me the idea lol(long story dont ask :P )

1) Go on a private place, someones igloo or your igloo, in this example im going to use my igloo.
2)Find  a homo partner to test your skills(lol), in this example im going to use Puffer19 (he is not a homo lol)
3)Do stupid stuff on the private place you are
4) Start wearing weird clothes, in this example i first wore a roman soldier hat, flip flops and butterfly wings.
5)Tell your partner to do the same!
6)Start fooling around changing clothes with your partner, each time they must look more homo than before!(lol)
7)Find a good homo outfit and tell your partner to do the same, then sit near each other and take a picture!

If you did it right then it will look like this:


Hope you liked the today’s episode of “How to be a homo on CP!”

Good Night folks!

NOES! MY FUCKING BURNING SNOWMAN! I miss that bastard :cries: , well i quit cp and my membership expired so who cares 😀 But still i cant forget him, he was my mascot!



  1. Ah ha, it was you going through your photo album of CP. Great idea ❗

    You guys were hilarious.

    The snowman. I told you last Christmas to go build a snowman. You could have had a reunion of sorts. LOL My vote is for the Roman gladiator. You know they wear those short little iron skirts. 😉

  2. ok, so im not da only one

  3. (who quit cp) dat is,

  4. Jebus, I quit too! We just like to have some fun on this blog. Who gives a rats ass about CP anymore, only to make fun of it! And that we can do!

  5. Ok….so some days are more fun than others. =)

  6. ok i guess

  7. lalalala

  8. Good times… eh Icey?..

  9. well, lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala beat dat

  10. well, lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala beat dat

  11. well, lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala beat dat

  12. well, lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala beat dat

  13. quadruple comment ? omg lol

  14. He posted more than once! Add an Infraction 😆

  15. That one la sounded off key. Kinda of a gay sound. I’m just sayin’…

  16. lol, haha

  17. It sounded like you were singing to Icey in his gay (homo) winged outfit! He may like it. 😳


  19. LMAO…. I knew that would get “a rise” out of ya! 😉

  20. Maybe I could burn with your F’n snowman. Did you torch him?

  21. lol goshez well than set your fish on fire

  22. well to add to the pile of fire

  23. Who is goshez? Is he a fish hater or just like grilled fish? Can you legally eat a pet?

  24. WTF guys, i tried to log in and my account got suspended for no reason. Im contacting WP right away

  25. I think that is a good reason to make an msn zipo, takes less than 5 minutes too -_-

  26. WT… maybe we trashed the place torching snowman and fish. Well your here… I don’t get it. Yah, I better make an msn. I had one once and never used it. Took it off.

    Give em hell icey!!

  27. well yeah im not on my account now, im posting as a regular poster. my pic just shows because its attached on my i.p.

  28. ZOMG! My account is suspended too?
    WordPress are being.. slow.. Lol

    YAY! Zipo is going to make an MSN!!

  29. O gottcha! U smart!

  30. im unsuspended. wp didnt help, i just used common sense and changed my pass. wtf? why was my old pass suspended?

  31. HMMMM….. that sounds fishy. BlueGenius may have torched it or something. LOL…. Who knows what the heck went wrong. At least you figured it out. Like I said… U Smart. 😉 So your new pass is WTF? hahahahahahahahahaa

  32. Everyone must be with mom. Moms rule. ☺

  33. lalalalalalala

  34. That one sounds familar. Give me a few more notes. Name that tune ppl!!!

  35. ta ta ta ta ta ta tattaatatata ta ta ta ta ta ta ta taaaaa ta ta ta ta ta tatatata ta ta! TEST ME! I’m the ambassador of pain! I rule all those who oppose! TEST ME! I’m the ambassador of pain! I crush all those who oppose!

  36. It’s called, I need my medication cuz I am the Ambassador IN PAIN! Where does it hurt Icey?

    Cataclysmic detonation
    Inside the mind and the world of devastation
    We bring fire and power to revolution
    The earth shakes and trembles into isolation

    10 seconds from the end…one chance…to make it right
    10 seconds from the end…one life…to take it back

    If you had one moment left before the end. To repent
    And think of all your life…
    Question things you’ve learned
    From all these distant memories

    They say you learn till the end of time
    So your mind is strong and wise
    Ironically my friend. It’s always time to die

    Cataclysmic detomation
    Inside the mind and the world of devastation
    We bring fire and power to revolution
    The earth shakes and trembles into isolation

    10 seconds from the end…one chance…to make it right
    10 seconds from the end…one life…to take it back

    Kataklysm ….Woot!

  37. omg lol are you trying to stalk one of my fav bands? wait no, are you stalking me? lol

  38. 😯

  39. ………………. ……………. /’ /)
    ……………../´ /)………/¯ //
    …………..,/¯// ……… /…//
    …………./…//. ……./¯ //
    ………../´¯/’´ ¯/´¯ /…/ /
    ………/’…/… ./… /…/ //
    ……..(’(…´(… ……. ,../’. .’)
    ………\………. ….. ..\/…./
    ……….”…\…. ….. . _.•´
    …………\……. ….. ..(
    ……………\….. ….. …\

    I saw you in your underwear. LMAO!

  40. And they were pink….with lace. Teheehehehe

  41. Oo, wait that might have been your snowman!


    ok done 🙂

  43. You burnt him too much 😥

  44. I’m toast!!!! The dr. says I might live, but he can’t tell for sure. I won’t pay him if I don’t. cough , wheez, uh o……..

  45. burnt 🙂 let the countdown begin. in exactly 1 month and 8 days this site will be gone

  46. Ah man…. you really know how to kill. First yah toast me and now you are pulling my life line. I just hope I don’t get diarrhea or a rash!!

  47. Ok, Mr Ambassador, Im the Duke of Death! Yeah, thats the way I skid to a stop and fall of a cliff. oh? you say its supposed to be roll? well to fucking bad!! Plus my name has alliteration. If we where in paraguay and both registered blood donors we could duel. and I would kick your ass! Yeah i went there! OH!


    • What the hell? This was ….o damn what his name. OH YaH it was
      Lilguy574 OMG…. look at his cute little face. I must have missed this comment!

  48. yeah, me to and if you do, please don’t tell us. Lol soo really 1 month and 8 days your closing the site down?

  49. I’m going to spill my guts sista! To hurl is my right and I will scratch that itch until it bleeds!!!

    And when I am done with that … Icey is gonna kick your ass! XDx10

    Whew, I think I am ok now. That was close one. =]

  50. Oo wait, I wasn’t going to hurl…it was the other end that was going to blow. hahahahahahahah

    Yah, well, I will do that too. hahahahahahahah

    That snowman is looking pretty good right now. LMAO

  51. well yeah i am closing it down except if i just leave it like this, aint planning to get back to the glory days so ill either delete it or abandon it

  52. Ah, the glory days. Mispent youth!! yah, everyone is gone. Well, not everyone, we are here. HA And when this is gone, we will be too.

    DOA … and then I will be a dead body outline.

  53. so yeah, make an msn lol

  54. who me or zipo

  55. ice r u on?

  56. nm

  57. both of you 😛

  58. umm ok lets see ill do it l8r

  59. i hope so lol

  60. Woo Hoo!
    Waiting for Zipo’s confirmation too…

  61. Yah, I am going to do it. I’m feeling the pressure! 😛 Like a test! I can’t even remember how I set it up the first time. Will I have to study? 😆

  62. What about the snowman? Will he be signing up?


    But srsly, if you go on cp and look out the telescope you’ll see Cockhopper is growing weed on his ship.

  65. i quit cp so i cant check it out, anyway

  66. if u quit cp (like I) u can still go on…like u said we r making fun of cp (and going off topic lol) well if we r to make fun of it, why don’t we o see the dumb ass things disney does.

  67. i know but i aint planning on logging on that shit ass game ever again

  68. LMaO…. I was laughing so hard at your comments my apple juice came out my nose I think. It may not have been apple juice. XD

    Well I’m going in. I want to see what that cracker brought back. If I see him, I will tell …
    Capt. Pd-o-file…. Icey says hi and he misses him and then I will give a great big wet kiss to him for ya Ice. XDDDDDDD!!!!

  69. if anyone wants me to save him tell me 😛 i got 30 out of 100 at first aid test LOL.

  70. That doesn’t sound too good. That might qualify you to peel a bandaid. You need more points to put the bandaid on a booboo! XD

    So what did you do for the test?

  71. i dont really remember lol

  72. Oo… I thought maybe you had to get naked or something. LOL Well maybe you can play dr.

  73. I have on hellaious headache today. I think my brain tumor is back. I may need you to look my ear and see if you can see anything.

    Are you finished with school for the year? I am out TOMORROW~~~~~ I am going to be on this site all day long! WARNING!!!!

  74. i would be out by now but the fucktard owner of my school changed the date to 2 of june, exams start on the fourth and finish on the twelfth

  75. OMG!!!! I’d kill the bastard! I have to go back to clean out my “stuff” next week but that is all. Finished my exams last week. It said I was a freak’n genius. =]

    Give me the guys address….. I will hunt him down.

  76. lol, i take the rifle and you will take the sword 😛

  77. How come you always get the rifle? It’s my turn…
    M O M Ice won’t share again. 😆

    Just click the link below then.

  79. Can you come out and play tomorrow?

  80. omg rockhopper is growing weed lol

  81. Yah, I got some. NO LIE. I went on yesterday night, and the fool was dancing around so I got his background. Yah, I’m no fool. I can smell weed a mile away!!! LMaO

  82. Have a good one you guys!!!

  83. It’s been a fun couple of years guys.

  84. OMG… another one bites the dust.
    You had a good blog! And you are a fun guy! Don’t be such a stranger….before we all say bye bye. If we don’t talk again….. adios good friend sunnydayboys.

  85. wait ur leavin… im confused r u shutin down the website? AHHHHH NO, I cant live witout talking witout u, (I get bored EASY) Without u before wuz horibble, but I thought u were posting clubpenguin crap soooo. yeah, watevs, Well I have 2 more freakin weeks!!!! Yeah my dates were moved to, will u kill him me, Ice gets da rifle, zip,, u can have da butter nife, and get my gernade launcher from under my bed 🙂

  86. well you two make an msn account so i can add you and chat :mrgreen: easy

  87. I was talking about sunnydayboys. He quit. He deleted his blog.

    Look up bored in the dictionary and you will see me pictured there. hAHa I am out of the school zone now. Woot. WTF…. I don’t want no butter knife. I am not eating a biscut!

    :mrgreen: I haven’t seen Mr. Green for so long. I think I am in love. LOL

  88. lol

  89. lol, msn u say meybe. meybe ill see lol, ur in love…akward

  90. I made an MSN now wat

  91. u download windows live messenger if you dont already have it and then u log in with your info, then you post here your e-mail and i will add you. you will receive an invitation and you will press accept to add me

  92. ok

  93. I dont understand my MSN email, isnt that my REAL email

  94. there’s such a thing as a “fake email” ? lol

  95. Yeah, I have fake emails. I use them to spam people 😆

  96. define “fake email”

  97. I have totally lost intrest in the tech world… I wish I hadnt got to get back….. goin on da other path 🙂

  98. ?

  99. lol zipo, someone tried to impersonate you so he could advertise his video lol. he posted his video here using html if im not mistaken and wrote “woah this makes me want to play cp!” or something like that lol

    • Where did my last two comments go? 😦

  100. ROFL…. that was me!!!! I was using a fake email like xMr.F! I am a wannabe!!!! No I am me, not an impersonate. I thought that was a hoot vid and the song rocks! Shinedown. No one could impersonate me cuz I am too cool! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Way to watchm’ ice. Nothing gets past you. 😆

  101. It was from Cyborg’s site. I found it on your blogroll.

    It sounds like madness doesn’t it. And it is!!! XD

  102. I said that that was me!! You deleted me?! ShutUP! LOL

  103. are you on another computer? -_- the i.p. is different, thats why i deleted your first comment, because the i.p. was different

  104. Yesh I might just have been. My mind wanders behind my butt. ROFL

  105. Oh, gawd …. I left myself open for comments on that one. 😆 XD

  106. No I’m pretty sure it was my regular computer. OMG …. is someone here with me from another space and time? Jeebus!

    So what’s up with everyone? You still watching those critters? Have they grown any? Are they eating their veggies? What’s on your diet? I need to go find a munchi and a beverage. What are your favs? Got any? One more question… do you have all your toes? XD


  108. What…. you are having a Bar-B-Que. What can I bring?

  109. Cuz I know you just didn’t call be the b word and to shutup. Or did ya? ROFL

    In that case, I am not bringing anything!!!

  110. Post one last new post. Make it a good one!

    Then we can all crash and burn!

  111. Shizzle. I forgot to change up. I am using one computer for everything now. I am on a budget. LOL!!!!

    Ok…. I will say it again….

    Post one last new post. Make it a good one!

    Then we can all crash and burn!

  112. GAWD Dmit.

    Shizzle. I forgot to change up. I am using one computer for everything now. I am on a budget. LOL!!!!

    Ok…. I will say it again….

    Post one last new post. Make it a good one!

    Then we can all crash and burn

  113. So just ignore those other comments that went to spamhell Ice.

  114. Shizzy, r u REALLY killin dis site, if so PALLEEZZ I dnt know how to use msn, nd well lose contact FOREVR

  115. i hope you’re not being serious because english isnt my first language and i found it fucking easy to learn how to use msn 2 years ago

  116. woo day to day this site is dying even more lol.

  117. using msn is pretty easy, you log in with the account you made, to add someone you click on the icon that shows a green dude thinking a “+” icon , you click it and enter the e-mail address of the one you want to add, press continue or add whatever and dah da you added him and now you wait for his response.

  118. I want this blog back up and running. I used to come home from school just to get a laugh.

  119. I said I wanted to LAUGH! Not work at it. : )

    U is funny!

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