Posted by: Asmodeus | March 21, 2009


Most epic videos ever :



Man that grandmom is the win! She is shooting her husband’s photo lol



  1. lalala

      *Takes ear plugs out…*
      Sorry, I had my ear-plugs in.
      You are a good singer 😀

  2. What the hell. A redneck grandma! Did she have her teeth in. ROFL!!!

    I think she has the xfactor going on. XD

  3. I wonder if that car still runs. Pimp that ride!!! 😆

  4. She can sing, but not 100% well.
    Epic scene xD

    And the second clip – it is expected from all older women to do that 😆

  5. OLDER WOMEN???…. LMAO… How about 1tooth left before dead.

  6. lol

  7. Where the toodles anyway?

  8. I mean where are the toodles? I am going to ask my mom. ROFL

  9. Ok, so I didn’t.

    LALALaLALa….well you know that song too, so I won’t bore you by singing it. I’ll just hum it.

    Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail….hippty hoppty Easter is on it’s way.

    hahahahahahahah…..fool ya didn’t I?!

  10. Ok … well possibly that was a lame comment. 😡

    Have a good one Ice!!!

  11. olley shit. i only received one email from wordpress that someone commented (just now) not four! anyway, lalalalalalala

  12. Going on a class trip for a couple of days… don’t bomb the place while I am gone!!!! XD

    LA La fa

  13. Is everyone in the bunkers?

  14. nah i just quit, cant take it anymore

  15. 😥 x1000

    Well at least ya gave it your all! You lasted longer than most and was (and still is) a hell of a lot more fun than any of them! Including the gladiators with short skirts and CP with the pervs!

    I will keep one eye open…just in case. And you keep an eye open if you here a helicopter over your country… I know where you live. LMaO

    Who knows our paths may cross again. I sure hope so!

    Be well Ice!!! 😛

  16. yes keep an eye on here, i might post again. btw this site will be gone from existance when it turns 2 years old.

  17. your quiting your blog….? 😦

  18. Bye Iceh.
    Zipo still has me 😛

  19. lies! you dont talk about pedophiles

  20. Anyone who tell little kids where they are and what they are wearing just might be a pedophile. LMAO

    MEET ME!!! Posted by Icey: June 20, 2007

    I am always on mammoth and wear red sweater,raincoat boots,blue cape and puffle bandana.

    chill out,

    ice drills

    Ah, those were the days when everyone was all a twitter about CP and the biggest idiot on the planet, Rockhopper!!! He likes little kids ya know. XD

  21. lol, Rockhopper is the brother of Pedobear 😛

  22. Pedobear + Rockhopper = …

  23. …heterodog

  24. So it is true. I heard that rumor about RH and Pedobear, but never knew for sure if it was true.

    Wait, now is xMr. F saying they are a couple, even if they are brothers? OMG, that is sick! I hope the dog catcher gets that puppy for sure!

  25. OMG ICE DRILLS YOUR STILL HERE!!! wowwwz! its fylliper xD how have you been?

  26. Icey ran off with all three of those pervs!!!

    April Fools! ❓

  27. Hola fylliper! Oh and zipo, yes i did and killed them all except pedobear. =D

    • You must like him a lot hey? Something you want to talk about? XD

      Take a look at Youtube. It is upside down today.

  28. yeah i checked it out lol, last april fools day every single featured vid from youtube was a rick roll vid lol

    • I remember that!
      YouTube are clever =]
      Clever Bunnies! ^^

  29. Speaking of bunnies….. I wrote a little song. Want to hear it…

    Hear comes Peter Cotton Tail … have you heard that one? ROFl

    Wait I will post some vids. Hold on. Ice they will be in moderation….so please….do your thing. 😛

  30. still no vids 😦 blaaah

    • I just saw that. What the …. wait…be right back

  31. There was one more…now I can’t find it.

    There is one by Charlie Brown that is hilarious, but pretty offensive.

  32. Can’t find it. Crap. LOL Ok, enjoy the two I could find. Where the flying hell does this stuff go to? Some big black hole?

  33. im gonna watch them tomorrow, anyway its crittah time!

  34. Ah, eat some popcorn and see if critter (aka crittah)channel is showing ballistic bunnies.


  35. I liked the first one.
    Epic lulz.

  36. There is valued vote! Karpolo must be a singer too! =)

  37. Congrats on 120K hits. What is the door prize?

  38. A huge big box of C4’s 😀

  39. ROFL!! How did you know I needed a new box? Man you are psychic~

  40. Hey guess whos back? My computer crashed and i just got it back.

  41. It crashed February 23rd.

  42. OMG!!!!!!! ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ I thought you died!!!!!!! I went to your blog ….and it smelled like you had died!! ROFL….. glad you are back. We are looking for the Easter Bunny… well, you know why. 😆 Can’t say it out loud. Little kids might here ya know. 😆

  43. i’ve got trusted information that the easter bunny is making out with santa

  44. I thought the bunny got even and shot santa. Was that all a scam?

  45. yes, it was all a scam. my source now tells me though that the easter bunny found out that santa was having sex a moment ago with mrs claus and the easter bunny killed santa. if you wont get any presents this christmas dont ask why

  46. I might just wet my pants now. I will be back. That was just too funny…. but the image of the bunny watching the sex act and the thought of no presents at Christmas is just bumming me out. I have to think on this one! I need a plan.

    Are you sure it wasn’t the bunny with Mrs. Claus? Or was Santa having sex with the bunny? Now that one I might believe. ROFL Just think of the Easter Ho. Unlike ho ho ho at Christmas. 😛

  47. nah, my source has never lied to me 😛

  48. How do you know they don’t lie?

  49. cause i am my source :p

  50. epic

  51. oMG! I said that to myself. I said “he is probably the source.” Damn I should have made a bet on it. 😛

    Water in pool…..
    I wonder how many little ppl potty in that pool? HaHa!!! That isn’t funny!

  52. lalalala

  53. Ha that’s just great.

  54. It is Palm Sunday. We all must refrain from such evil talk. The Lord will strike us dead, if he can find us. I am staying in the bunker with my Palm tree ( and my dinner, and my DS and my Ipod and my….well, I can’t repent all day!!!!) 😛


  56. OMG… Remind me not to be in the same bunker as you when judgement days comes. I think you will be the target.!!!! I want to live.

  57. These in the news today. Those SOBS stole our idea!!
    Film world jumping for Easter Bunny
    Buzz Up Send
    Email IM Share
    Delicious Digg Facebook Fark Newsvine Reddit StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Bookmarks Print By Borys Kit Borys Kit – Mon Apr 6, 1:33 am ET
    LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – – – – — – –

    Easter is becoming the new battleground for studios as two competing projects featuring the Easter Bunny go head to head.

    Sony Animation is pre-emptively picking up “Hip Hop,” in which the Easter Bunny decides to retire and hides out as a pet with a suburban family, turning their lives upside down. The tone is being described as along the lines of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “The Santa Clause.”

    The plan is to make the movie using a mix of computer-generated imagery and live-action. The studio picked up the rights from writers Greg Ostrin and Michael Weiss for mid-six figures. Weiss’ credits include the Brendan Fraser remake of “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”

    The deal happened at the same time that Illumination Entertainment, the Universal-based shingle with a history in animation, purchased “I Hop” to act as its first live-action picture. In “I Hop,” the Easter Bunny is hit by a car driven by a slacker. When the bunny can’t hop because his leg is broken, the driver must train to take over the job and save Easter.

    Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio wrote the script; they previously wrote “Despicable Me,” Illumination’s animated project being voice by Steve Carell, Jason Segel and Kristen Wiig.

    (Editing by Dean Goodman at Reuters)

  58. those bastards! 😛

  59. Bunny is back! (Me)

    Zipo, what happen to speaking of sex on Palm Sunday?

  60. hahahaha…. it was slip of the tongue! Of course I would never speak of sex of Palm Sunday. 😉 I might of been thinking of it though and it just slipped out. LOL!!!!

    I am going leave a link in the next comment to a training film. It is a rampage against the rabbit!

    I might have run over a few ppl in my rage!! But, what is a few ppl when you are ridding the world of a perv rabbit who woos little kids down the rabbit hole with candy ❓

    You will have to get it out of the dark hole Icey. Thanks….you are a good egg. 😛

    • Slip of Tongues Rock! lol

      • Well, I never slip my tongue on a rock. That would hurt. I try to keep my tongue safe from such slips. ☺


  62. lol!! zipo u have to read this ahahaha

  63. Stay off the phone Icey!!!! 😉

    The Easter bunny could have used that grass in a basket maybe.

  64. I am going to be gone for a few days. Easter ya know and going to take a short trip. So don’t anyone do anything stupid while I am gone, cuz I want to be here to see it!

    And stay away from the perv rabbit! 😛

  65. ok, im saving a picture until u come back

  66. A picture? Woot! I need a picture. Is it of you and the bunny? Happy Easter!

  67. no but you were close enough! its of a man doing it with a deer lol

  68. That was harsh. I will never think of rudolph in the same way.

  69. i will never look at sex the same way

  70. Ha aha ahaha ahaha ahahhhahahahahahah

  71. hi

  72. y…y…you ar…are…ali…alive? 😯

  73. I got lonely, I comin back,renuin my site, Disney are freakin bastards, Old CP roks, but It’s great to back.

  74. lol welcome back

  75. Someone shocked icey?! No way!!!!! 😯

  76. the cake is a lie!!!

  77. Hey isn’t that what they said about Frankenstein?

    It’s alive…It’s alive ❗ This is putting the fear in me. XD

  78. Hail Great Frankenstein!!!

  79. Frankenstein had sex… cuz there is the movie…The Bride of Frankenstein. All their parts were sewed on with some kind of special thread.

    I think I wrote a book report on that once. Got an B on it. I think I remember the teacher saying I could have got an A if I would have included a picture of them having sex. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. CAKE… you have cake? What flavor?

  81. Frankenstein didn’t eat my piece of cake did he?

  82. diarrhea flavor

  83. he did and liked it

  84. Your avitar is the Grim Raper, I mean Reaper isn’t it?

  85. He probably couldn’t taste it. His tongue belonged to someone else.

  86. raper? you mean rapist right? cause a rapper is the singer that sings crap err i mean rap

  87. I’m thinkin’ here. I put raper… cuz it is the past tense of rape. Yah, I didn’t want rapper, cuz it didn’t look like the Grim Rapper. He comes at night to take ppl while he is talkin’ like a gansta.
    No I wanted raper. No the Grim Rapist doesn’t work for me. Maybe he works for Frankenstein. =)

  88. I want my lawyer present!

  89. pie is goooood

  90. Pie over cake?

  91. Anything other than diarrhea flavor.

  92. Pie

    NO WAY!! It is against the law of nature


    so it is

    Pie N
    —- = —-
    N Cake

    N= ?

  93. lalalalala

  94. lalalalalalalalalala!!!

  95. hey ice u there

  96. yeah im here, i was playing PS3 and didnt notice the e-mail pop ups lol

  97. I don’t do food math anymore. I just ate it. XD

    Bomb Them Again! quest while mounted on a flying reindeer.

    Game on!

  98. this conversation is getting out of hands…cant control it anymore inside me…the power is rising…RISING…RIIIISSSSIIIIIIIIINNN!!!! I…I….I AM….I AM CHAAA…. I AAAAM CHAAAARRRR… I AM CHAAAARGIIIIIINNN….I AAAAAM CHAAAARRRRGIIIIIINNN MAAAAAH LAAAAAAAZZZZZOOOOOOR!!!!!!


  100. What is rising? 😆 Should I move back a few steps or take cover?

  101. Fire in the hole!!!!

    A rubber band pistol was confiscated from algebra class….because it was a weapon of math disruption.

  102. i think im gonna record myself saying that lol

  103. Saying what? Maybe you could sing it. I smell a hit coming on YouTube. Oo wait that smells like something else. 😯

  104. you smelled diarrhea?

  105. anyway animal raping time!! err i mean… animal planet time!

  106. No I smelled a post that is in need of a changing. Way to ripe!

  107. well maybe ill post again after i come back. im leaving tomorrow morning and im coming back i think on monday

  108. lol

  109. HA! Fail picture. Too many alcoholic beverages can make anyone look good.

    Have a good whatever you are going to do. Don’t drink ANY alcoholic beverages.

  110. im still not back but take a look at this site, its full of lulz

  111. oMG! 204 pages. That guy must be a loser. LOL

  112. Well you didn’t post today, so I got wasted. I drank all day and smoked some pot, oh yeah, then I shot some pure H. Then I took my Oozy while driving the family tank and took some random shots at some dissidents. I think you should feel bad about this…. my patrol officer says I have a need to cool off. He said I needed some ice! LMAO

  113. I am in jail, someone come bail me out. I can’t do time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oo wait, my mom says I have to go to bed now. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  114. I am weak. Can’t …. go… much …..longer.

    Cya…. on the other side.

  115. Man im back home but my internet connection is fucked, i tried to fix it with my pc knowledge but i only fixed the internet on my pc, my laptop and PS3 are internetless. my pass is over 4 million digits so i dont know it , therefore i cant log in 😦

  116. dude that sucks, my internet is ALways is like that, we live where we can’t have internet meanin we actually RUN OUT- its like hot water we use to much it goes away 😦

  117. Well this just sucks. Don’t ya love that word “sucks”? It just works!!!

  118. lalalalalalalalalelelelelelalalalalalolololalalala

  119. Hmm. I don’t seem to know that tune. Hum ar few more bars of it. Oo maybe you have been to the bar. LOL

    Maybe it’s code for something. Icey are you trying to tell me something? Has someone got you held captive and they taped your mouth shut and you are singing out your butt? OMG!

  120. Is it this new guy blue genius? Has he done something to ya? I knew it!!! …. his avi looks mighty suspicious.

  121. it was just my ass talking to you. btw blue genius is a girl if i remember right

  122. O, what did it say?

    Blue is a girl? Well you never know anymore.

  123. it said “bruuuup *farts* brrrrrrrrr *shits* *farts* *shits* *faaaaaaaaaaaarts* *explosive green diarrhea* *farts again* “

    • Funny, I didn’t hear that. I might have to get my ears checked, but it sounded more like you said something like ” burnt farberships farshits xseen dia fargan” I thought you were saying you were on a space ship to some planet.

  124. Like Sweden or Denmark. LMAO

  125. Or just a bad connection. It happens 😯

  126. I’m a girl, and new?, returning, oh yeah my ears hurt too, GOSHEZ

  127. It must be some kind of an ear virus going around.

    So you are sure you are a girl and new? You have a question mark after that statment. Got a mirror? 😉

  128. im fucking back god damn it!!!!

  129. My ears must be ok now, I heard that loud and clear. XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. So did you bring me anything? I’m just sayin”… 😆

  131. poopeh

  132. Jesus …. you’re a cheap ass! I can get that for free anywhere 😆

  133. 😛

  134. Yeah im RETURING, I unexpectedly quit after disney took over- Fuck disney

    • Your “returing”? Do you mean you are in a band or something? Like you are touring? Is Disney your boy friend? LMAO All jking ya know!

  135. kk

  136. soooooooo… meybe il try out for x-factor too, lalaalalaalalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  137. you have the x factor in you

  138. So kenz is bluegenius too? Split personality or what? Spy? Alien?

    Icey is the judge. He sings like an angel. LOL

  139. lol 😛

  140. I have a headache. It may be the swine flu. But I never saw a pig fly!!!! Honest!!! Oo I hahahaa… I just thought of something to add… I have seen a horse fly. Really, there was a huge fly on this horse once…. LOL

  141. LOL, well living with a horse I see plenty of those, and again I AM A GIRL, Damn I wish u wouldnt notice my other user name, well I have another penguin, but it stuck on my computar, I could have sworn it said blue genius

  142. Yah, got the girl part down. Now a girl living with a horse is another thing. ROFL.

    Nothing get’s past me. I see everything. Tell Icey. XD!

    Eww a penguin stuck on you computer must be kinda nasty. Kenz stuck!!!

  143. Oo no need to yell, I said my ears were ok now.

  144. Im pretty sure u get wat I mean, LOL, why do we write here, post somethin new ice’ im tired of scrollin down

  145. Icey has to have an inspiration. ( Someone needs to light a fire under him.) XD

    Anyone up for the job? HAHA!

    This may be the post with the most comments. It may be a record of some sorts!

  146. 155 comments. Holy S! And who has been looking through all of Icey’s CP pics. Top clicks on sidebar is all of him on CP. He was hot on CP! Yah, he was hot and happening. Well hell let’s just say it… He Was Famous!! 😉

    He was my buddy on CP. We were beta’s together. It was pure love at first site. LMAO!!!! Tell them Icey!!! 😆

  147. yeah i remember him on cp, i wuz his bud also, wat wuz ur user name, yeah and tell us icy

  148. new post is up

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