Posted by: Asmodeus | February 21, 2009

What is disney teaching us?!?!!?!?


I took this important image at 1:30 a.m. and what apperars to be a white puffle.Nothing out of the ordinary right?Wrong. This puffle is HIGH all the smoke from his drugs made his fur white and as you can clearly see from his facial expressions he is on crack cocaine.

 This has been taco on your early in the moring/late at night news.Goodnight and goodbye.



  1. is that an edit? lol

  2. Everything you said made sense 😉

  3. XD I think I recognize that puffle. Now I know where my blue puffle went to. Crack head!

  4. Acually no its not icey its real. Every 30 minutes he shows up at the dojo.

  5. Yah, it is like a ghost puff! Spooky crack head puff. LOL Good one!

  6. lol

  7. critter time!

  8. guys lol, i would do anything to have a slug like this for a pet :

  9. LOL xD

  10. Now that is the ultimate pet! I wonder if that is a pure bred or a mut. hahahaha

  11. one thing is for sure! it will tear off your flesh!

  12. A flesh eater? Must be an exotic. I wonder if it is a zombie flesh eater. I heard about them. Ouch!

  13. Maybe it is the natural enemy of the white puffle. I am sure will see this on the critter channel.


    Assault the slug!

  15. Ice, pull me out of moderation and shoot the slug!

  16. Yes, sir!!!

  17. hahahahaha….. Thanks Ice!

    I’m shooting everyone today! I am on an assault mission. I am up to 34 kills in a minute at 96% accuracy. I am going for 100 at a 100%! 😆

  18. hopefully tomorrow im going to buy a new game for the PS3, Killzone 2 =D its fucking awesome

  19. here is a vid showing its online multiplayer
    watch it in HD

  20. Hey get me one too!! That guy better have a full metal jacket on, cuz he can’t shoot for shit. LOL

    Now I am psyched!

  21. ha ha

  22. Quote: “hopefully tomorrow im going to buy a new game for the PS3, Killzone 2 =D its fucking awesome”

    Killzone 2? I am still thinking about that game. I keep playing the demo 😛

  23. ….. Ice must have found a gun and has gone on a shooting rampage. )’:

  24. guys i think this is the end, i might delete the site, if you need me ill be on msn (looks at zipo for not having msn)

  25. OOOOOOO NNNNNOOOOOO…… Now I will have to get MSN for sure!!!!!!

  26. lol, im serious though

  27. Just post once or twice a month. Hang in there. You post are too funny to not have around.

  28. if i keep posting once a month or so ill probably stop and leave this site as it is or even delete it on my birthday (15 of june) or my site’s birthday (20 of june)

  29. sorry for my delay in answering but i downloaded the new msn and whenever i log in it doesnt warn me if i have mail

  30. I saw you were 200 days old on 10/21/2007. HOLY CRAP you are really old now!

    Well June is better than stopping now. And maybe you will change your mind as the bribes and threats come in. =)
    So keep posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. aaaah the days were i was a noob 🙂 im exactly 700 days old today (4 of march) logged in today to check my age after like 4 months since i quit

  32. Yah, I was looking at your age too. I was guessing it when I checked yesterday it was about time for me to spring a sirprise ambush on ya. I was hiding in the bushes….rats you beat me too it. Well, I’ll get ya when ya aren’t lookn”! XD

    I can’t believe you were ever a noob. A noob with an attitude!!! HAHa!

  33. lol, sadly i used to be one

  34. Sadly we all were. But ya gotta start at the beginning to finish the race. I think everyone has just about finished the race cuz the starter pistol was full of bullets and not blanks. lol

    There’s dead bodies everywhere.

  35. WOOT ALERT! You just turned over 119K (and K stands for KILO!) on your 700th!

  36. ha ha, i feel great for being that old 😛

  37. I had to check out how old I was. Not a clue. I was 682. CP was packed!!!!! Almost all the servers were full. Man, it doesn’t change. I put on my St. Pat’s Day gear and took a strole around. I did a drive by on the pizza parlor! I fired off a few rounds. Hope you weren’t in there. 😆

  38. Have a good weekend!!!! I want to go see the new Watchmen movie. Hopefully it won’t be packed with CP players! They might recognize me as the one with the gun and turn me in! 😛

    Little shits!

  39. zipo, where is the guy on the left planning to dive?

    • Isn’t it ice where he’s diving into? and the other guy is walking on it…

  40. LOL! I think he is diving into the fairy pool! Geezus… I think he should cover he gay butt!!!!

  41. That is just “Butt Ugly”! ROFL

  42. excuse me… I mean he should cover “his gay butt”! Hehe! Where do you find these things?

    • on

  43. the magical puffle on crack appears every 30 mins.


  44. 😛

  45. I will take a peek… I might see something!!! ROFL

  46. The wordl is full of idiots…. I can agree with that! good site 🙂

  47. That magical puffle is retarded and enemic!

  48. uhh man i think ill make my quit official, im bored to update :\

  49. Dang! Well if that is what ya gotta do! Somedays your just chasin’ your own tail. Everyone seems to have quit. I left a couple of messages on sunnydayboys site. I told him to post a pic of his mother if nothing else. I guess there is nothing else. LOL Everyone is bored and busy.

    The BB desease turned us into zombies! Give one last post ….go out with a big BANG~

  50. You’re even missn’ your critters. 😆

  51. lol, ill think about it, my quit is still not official.

  52. YaY!!!! 😛

  53. YAY! Long live the king of the blogging world…ICEY!
    Think about staying?
    Zipo, make an MSN, just in case. 😀

  54. I’ve been outa action for months, Icey man, you’re on fire!

  55. OMG….get the hose! Icey man might melt!!!

    • lalalalalala

      • LA LA La La…. I know that song! It is one of my favorites. What to hear me sing it?

        • Dang… I mean …Want to hear me sing it? I was so excited I spelled wrong. 😆

          • No wait , I didn’t spell wrong … I spelled wrong right, but I spelled “what” instead of “want”. Ok, now that we got that cleared up, I will sing the second verse. La LLa LLa Laa La LLa La! I think that might be a foreign language. People from La La Land sing like that. 😉

            • you confuse me lol

  56. cool, comment threading is working 😀

    • I like threat. It has many uses. I clean my teeth with it. I pull my teeth with it. I tie up space invaders with it. I hang terrorist with it. Doulbe knots on that one! I like the color red the best. It’s hot! LMAO

      • Hey I like the way this looks. I look smart replying like this. Yah, start that rumor why don’t ya? Zipo is smart. HaHAHA

        • Where the hell is everyone? Taco and his brother, Karpolo (or however you spell it) and and …. well whoever. Where they all go? La La Land I bet. I think I will put out an APB on them. 🙂

          • xMr. F is still wording up. That’s good. Lynn. Yah, I better get on my horse and go find that dude.

  57. ha ha, but first make an msn, come on now is it so hard?

  58. lol at the text bellow her pic

    • LOL!
      i know a girl she has one blue eye and one green eye.

      • and i have blue eyes, one is darker than the other one. 🙂

        • Oo! hahahah

  59. Zipo – What do you mean I’m still wording up? That is puzzling me up!
    Make an msn, its easy as hell 😀


    • “Wording up” means you are still commenting! You are still here with us!!!

  60. LoL on those eyes. I think she blew the color right out of the one eye. I hope it wasn’t her good eye!!! ROFL!

  61. I know what Disney is teaching us, that theres always a happy ending…..

  62. thats 2 germans on tv

    • epic

  63. Somewhere over the rainbow!

  64. I thought it was just always just ejaculating all over itself.

  65. Woot! It’a a party now!

    • We got chics with 2colored eyes. Germans cobbing a feel, ejaculations and happy endings. Yes, what more could one want from CP and life? Ah, life is good. LMAO

    • We got chics with 2colored eyes. Germans cobbing a feel, ejaculations and happy endings. Yes, what more could one want from CP and life? Ah, life is good. LMAO

  66. We got chics with 2 colored eyes, Germans coping a feel, ejaculations, and happy endings. What more could one want from CP and life.


    • Hey look, I was so happy, I repeated myself. I must be drinkn’!

  67. Oh crap, my black puffle just popped a cap in my white puffle’s ass and now they’re having gang wars! :0

  68. I knew those puffles were trouble from the start.
    The Blackassins vs the WhiteCrackers. This is going to get ugly. Lay low!


    And here is a wee bit of Luck for ye!
    Ádh na nÉireannach

  70. 91 comments? wasnt it last week when this post had 58 comments? And we dont celebrate St Patrick’s day in my country lol

    • WHAT????? No wee ppl in your country?!
      So I guees you won’t be kissn’ no blarney stones. ROFL

      Let’s go for 100 comments!

      • they dont celebrate where i live too

        • Well I think you ppl should start the holiday yourselves!!! In honor of the “wee ppl” you know.

  71. lalala, sing with me!

  72. Here ….try this on for size. ROFL

    And then here comes the sing along!!!

  73. Icey I am up there in moderation. Please get me outta’ the hole!! 🙂

  74. No wait, the other was yourbig kiss from the wee ppl and now the singing….

  75. Another one in the hole. LOL…please get me out of moderation again. It is like hell in the hole!!

  76. ok done

  77. Mucho gracias. I had to get something to dip and sip. I was getting weak. It is acutally hot out. Now I am getting hot. I will have to start taking off some clothes. LOL

  78. So what holidays does your country celebrate?

    • I think I just saw one of your critters off the reservation!!! HOLY CRAP

    • theres a gay parade every year..totally retarted

      • there’s also these 5 days called: “party nacht” it means party night, and we dont have school for like 6 days.. 😀

        • Now I can get on-board with that holiday!!! 😛 6 days of no school and party at night. Ah, in the perfect world maybe 😆

      • Gay parade. Woot! ROFL!!!

  79. christmas 😛 easter, tree day lol, idc about holidays except summer holidays anyway

    • Hey we hit 102 hits! Tree day. It must be like Arbor Day here. We plant trees.
      Just don’t like the green wee ppl. LOL When are you out of school?

  80. Easter is coming up. Time for a new post.

    Shoot the rabbit, after I get my candy. Jesus would be ok with it I am sure. hahahahahahah

  81. I think I read in the Bible once that Jesus had rabbit at the last supper. Pretty sure of it.

    And hard boiled eggs and lots of wine! It gave him major gas, and that is the real reason he died. But no one wanted to admit cuz then they’d get into trouble. So they came up with the story of the cross ya know. LOL I am going to burn in hell aren’t I. RIGHT AFTER I GET MY CANDY AND SHOOT THAT DAMN RABBIT!

  82. What the hell… I am talking to myself. Ok, well when I get the motherload of candy, I’m not sharing.


  83. lol , the new msn doesnt warn me when i receive new emails (sometimes though)

  84. im going to watch some critter planet early today and the sentence of the day is : “Ultimately, we’re all dead men. Sadly, we cannot choose how, but… we can decide how we meet that end so that we are remembered… as men.” said by Proximo from the movie “Gladiator”

  85. Oo…. Those gladiators wore short skirts …so I remember them like that. LMAO!!!!

  86. Gladiators with short skirts? Wth…

  87. LMAO…. yes they where those little skirts with tights and no shirts. You know what I am saying. I saw you looking at them. XD

  88. gladiators? im downloading the movie gladiator just now =D anyway, critter time!

    • Oo… shocking!!! 🙄 Don’t be peeking under those short skirts!!! I am beginning to really be concerned about you and those critters now. HMMM. 😆

  89. I think that should be your next post! Gladiators!

  90. How about a picture of a gladiator’s mother. Anything for a new post! =)

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