Posted by: Asmodeus | February 16, 2009

Damn im slacking a lot lately!

So much for the Saturday post xD oh wait today its Monday… oops. Well yeah, im slacking a lot lately which makes me more bored than i already am lol. So here is a vid and an animation:

….tv bloopers

and here is the animation :



  1. Some of those were hilarious. Wasn’t that Mr. Peanut?

  2. ha ha idk i didnt watch the vid, i just picked the one i thought was good 😛 watch the animation btw

  3. If that was Mr. Peanut… I don’t know if I going to eat another peanut in my life. ROFL

    ok I will watch the animation….but I was stuck on the peanut. IT WAS DRIVING ME NUTS! 😆



  5. I’m so freakin’ bored. -_- School is giving us more and more stuff to do. I hate it.

  6. LMAO…. yes we have all been there done that!! Bored.

    And I think we are all there now! Let’s drop the bomb on someone!!! Let me think~ 😆

  7. im fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooored

  8. What did ya say? ROFL No one says that quite like you. Let’s start a dirty rumor about someone and spread it all over ppl’s blogs.

    I am going to find a dirty joke. 😆

  9. Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse were in divorce court and the judge said to Mickey, “You say here that your wife is crazy.”

    Mickey replied, “No I didn’t. I said she is fkn’ Goofy.”


  10. lol, i got something better lol

  11. and

  12. ok this guy is the fucking win!


    That guy starting the boat motor in his BVD’s may need those snowballs if he isn’t careful ❗

  14. lol, the snowballs are kinda expensive though 😛 a hundred bucks each

  15. Maybe they are magic! XD!

  16. I burst out laughing watching this movie (Slither). I tried to find a clip of this one line in the movie. But I coudn’t.

    In one scene everyone was screaming they never seen anything like this and this guy says:

    Me neither… and I watch Animal Planet all the fucking time!” …


  17. Wow, maybe Ice got eaten!

  18. HM im alive! anyway, i dont know that movie

  19. i just watched the vid, lol, btw the shotgun the girl had looked like a Mossberg 500

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