Posted by: Asmodeus | February 9, 2009

Destruction i tell ya!

I have run out of ideas about what to post! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I need you guys to comment your ideas about what i should do…especially you zipo 😛

Here is a pic anyway,



  1. OMG… the pressure!! It takes so little some days to laugh, but I love commercial bloopers. I think you should post one or two for each post for awhile. There is huge wealth of them, for everyone’s liking. Yah, ‘sex” too! ROFL

    I am going to post a blooper below…. it will go into moderation… but it is a good example.

    Oh, your pic didn’t do anything. It says it is an error. No hits, no ones, no errors~ PLAY BALL!

  2. LOL… I mean, no hits, no RUNS, no errors. If someone has 6 ones for a Five spot…. let me know. HA!

  3. commercial bloopers? ill write that down, anything else?

  4. Hmmm… god….more than one idea might make me have stroke. LOL I will think some more.

  5. oki, ill stay here for an hour and a few more minutes, then ill go sleep with my critters 😛

  6. At the moment, the only other idea is, if you post a picture and hide something in it for us to find. That might me a bit of work.

  7. A bit of work for you I mean. Not us. I can spot a penis in any picture~

  8. i remember a cartoon when i was 4 or something and at the end of every episode we had to find waldo =) good old times

  9. Good times with Waldo heh? Is waldo on the animal planet? lol

    I just wanted to add… I can spot a boopy in any picture too! I know all the omportant parts by now! ☺

  10. lol

  11. I can name them for you if you like. XD

  12. nah i know them myself

  13. But, I think you know them. Cuz, I see em’ all here first. Ha!!!!!!!!

  14. hahahah… I told ya!

  15. ha ha

  16. Ok… think on the next post…. I will put some more thought to it… but 5 will get ya 7… you got it covered! You always do! You is the master. ☺

  17. noooooo! i are the win!

  18. You are the win? A…. ok…. I’ll play along. 😛

  19. It is getting close to critter time…


  20. nah, 30 more minutes before i go rape my critters uh eh uhm i mean sleep while watching my critters

  21. ok now, see ya, its critter time!

  22. Still thinking huh. Well don’t burn out the bulb. 🙂

  23. naaah im just waiting for more ideas so i can post something 😛

  24. Well I’m brain dead. LOL…. We could play truth or dare. HAHA! I wonder who has a tatoo.

  25. What was that image shack thing you posted suppose to be?

  26. a pic that ridicules microsoft for making such a stupid error “a system call that should never fail has failed

  27. AH, I see. I told you I was brain dead! hahahaha

  28. can i eat your braaaainzzzz?

  29. A, how much would you pay me for them? I charge by the pound, and my brain is huge. I told that before.

  30. huge as a crocodile’s brain (smaller than its eye) or huge as a penny? 😛

  31. hahahahaXD! Well it is bigger than on of those holes the asian got his kickstand stuck in! Picture that. 😆

  32. lol, anyway its critter time now, maybe tomorrow ill post but if not there will surely be a new post by Saturday

  33. My head is so big because of my huge brain, that I had to get baptized in the Pacific Ocean.

  34. If one of those critters is a croc, just take note of how big that dudes head is…. sheer genius!


  35. a big head doeasnt mean huge brain 😉

  36. 😦 Maybe I am an alien?

  37. ya think?

  38. Ha ha. But that would explain why there are no baby pictures of me in the family album. Good golly. What if it is true? Was I ….adopted? HAAAAA!

  39. I am depressed.. I might have been adopted cuz I was dropped from a space ship … and now no one is here. Beam me up Scotty!!!!

  40. wait if you really are an extraterrestrial then… 😀 can i capture you and give you to the government so i can become rich for finding and capturing an alien?!?! 😛

  41. 😦 Are you saying you would screw me over for a couple of bills? I thought I was a friend. You want them to poke and prod me. Look into all my body holes…. zap me until I am dead? What the hell! I don’t this valentines day is going to be the same. My ♥ isn’t in it… it seems it is on a cold slab alreay in some government morgue.

    I will try to rise above this… get a damn gun and shoot your ass!! ROFL

  42. who said im gonna leave you with them? 😛 im gonna break in with a machine gun and pretend that im Rambo , kill them all and save you 😛

  43. Ah, going Rambo!! That is so cool! Yes! I knew you would pull out the big guns!

  44. im Sylvester Stallone in disguise 😛

  45. anyway, its critter time 😛

  46. SWEET! Have a good weekend. See on the flip side!

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