Posted by: Asmodeus | January 23, 2009


Shit im sick! 38.7 Celsius fever. Anyway,  so its again Friday and what a great day! I don’t know what to post today so ill just post some pics =D . EPIC WIN! WIN!

And my favorite video =)

Bush knows how to dodge shoes!



  1. Well I only sneezed twice on you yestereday. LOL So your hot huh? Can’t touch that. 😆

    Funny pics and an excellent choice of vid. When Bush left the White House the 2 million ppl sang….NANaNA Na NaNaNa Na Hey Hey GOODBYE! And I don’t think any of them gave him a “5 finger” gesture goodbye! ROFL

    Yah, it’s FRIDAY! Oh mama! The playground mafia will be out in full force. Those little weekend warriors are everywhere.

  2. Oo I just love seeing on the side bar:

    ζiρΦ7 on Shit. That just made my day!! LMAO

    I wonder what kind of shit I am on. Real shit or some kind of dope? Crack, coke, meth…..

    I am laughing so hard, omg….. yes small things amuse me I admit it. 😆

    Well I guess it is better than ζiρΦ7 on a stick. 😛

  3. cocaine!

  4. Hmmm…. drug of choice?

  5. lol 😛

  6. If you wanna hang out youve got to take her out; cocaine.
    If you wanna get down, down on the ground; cocaine.
    She dont lie, she dont lie, she dont lie; cocaine.

    If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues; cocaine.
    When your day is done and you wanna run; cocaine.
    She dont lie, she dont lie, she dont lie; cocaine.

    If your thing is gone and you wanna ride on; cocaine.
    Dont forget this fact, you cant get it back; cocaine.
    She dont lie, she dont lie, she dont lie; cocaine.

    Get the ring tone!!! ROFL

  7. Well I don’t know any drug lords, so, I guess I will have to stick to my NyQuil cold meds.

  8. In fact I just a double dose….and a …you’re looking pretty good to me right now. LMAO!!!!!

  9. If I tell ya I love ya….remember it is just the cold medicine talking. 😉

  10. the medicine ur taking is gay 😛

  11. hahahahahahahaha….. I better read the label!!!

  12. Lol. FAIL, i love that site. Hey zipo i made 2 new posts for you!

  13. im booooored

  14. I am so tired … I can not see straight. There has been company at my house since Friday night. Jesus help me God….they just left. All I heard while they were here was …Zipo do this zipo do that…. what do I look like …. the hired help? LOL If they stayed any longer I was thinking of mainlining the nyquil! Ok… I will venture out and see what is happening.

  15. Man, I am doing the rounds and I am not kidding you, there are very few of the original blog owners left. Supposed quit. Remember the vids he made?

  16. noes, btw, dang im still sick

  17. You never heard of Supposed? Man he was everyone’s claim to fame for making their vids. Ag, Snowdobby, Chewy/Mohd, Toronto, Fotis etc.
    Ok, then it doesn’t matter if he quit. LOL

    Man, that sucks to be sick. Sorry I sneezed on ya last week!!!! Don’t take any of the nyquil. I read the label. Yah, I think it said something about gay on it. 😛 But maybe it was saying something about it will make you happy!! I felt pretty good after I took it. 😛

  18. i know supposed ¬¬, i dont care about him though. I have no respect for him as a human for just making vids to be ‘famous’

  19. _______░░░░░____ _____Copy
    ______░░█░█░░____ ____And
    ______░████░░____ _____Paste
    ______░░$$$░░_____ ____This
    ____░░░$$$$$░░░__ _____On
    ___░░░$$$$$$$ ░░░______A
    __░░░$$$$$$$$$ ░░░_____Site
    ____░░$$$$$$$░ ░______If
    _____░░$$$$$░ ░_______You
    ______░░░░░░░_____ ____Think Disney are Pedophiles that want to rape your kids and steal your money
    _____███__███ with cheap memberships that at the end of the day your kids will realize what shitty game they were playing. Thank you for listening.


  20. A picture in tribut to Supposed. ROFL Well he quit so he isn’t famous anymore.

    I never commented on his site. Only knew of him from all the fame he got for doing the vids on other sites.

    Enricom quit… Idontbreak quit and the person who took that site over quit (Tooly228) ; Karpolo is m.i.a. …. Ag doesn’t do his original site anymore and Lil was doing it for him, but he left and is now finishing a big battle royal with 2 others over hacking and is m.i.a.
    Jeepers Creepers.

  21. LMAO!!! Now that is what I should copy and paste to some ppl’s CP sites!!!! 😆

  22. what does mia stand for? btw, karpolo ftw! that guy always makes me laugh

  23. MIA= Missing In Action. Yah, he was (is) full of it. He made a comment on a site that I almost coughed up on lung on. Someone deleted his comment and he said something like…”you deleted that because they promised you free sex, didn’t you.” Hilarious.

  24. BTW….hlgs quit pretty much too. Ah, well.

  25. ahahah that’s surely karpolo lol. anyway i have to go rape a bitch errr i mean sleep. (its 10 minutes before midnight) see ya

  26. I wonder how much trouble I can into by copy and pasting that new image of the penguin pedophile into some kiddies blogs?

  27. Well I can’t do that copy and paste cuz it belongs to you now You have owners rights. LOL

    And you better say your prayers… !!!!


  28. HAhahah… that crazy Greek Fotis gave his blog to someone and now he posts once in awhile. He created a forum with some other dude…but it looks like the last comment there was in Dec. It is still playing jingle bells as dogs bark. Crazy Greek!!! We used to comment back and forth…and I would say “what the heck did you just say” and he always said … “I quitted”.

  29. Shit happens!

  30. GET WELL SOON..or NOW?!!

  31. Holy Shit!

    If Shit happens, take a hostage!!!

    Out of my mind. Back in 5 minutes.

  32. Ice?

  33. im sick but ill be back tomorrow! i mustn’t let the sickness overpower me, i mustn’t let it destroy me! IM IMMORTAL!

  34. anyway bye now , its 5 minutes before midnight

  35. Yes I knew it was about time to get your jammies on (unless you sleep in your birthday suit…lol), but wanted to know you weren’t dead.

    GO IMMORTAL!!!! ciào

  36. Are you IMMORTAL or just hanging in there?

  37. im doing an essay now lol i have to write a composition 500-750 words.

  38. Write about an assassin who doubles as a dr. at night!!

  39. lol

  40. No NO Wait…. I have it ….

    Disney are Pedophiles that want to rape your kids and steal your money with cheap memberships that at the end of the day your kids will realize what shitty game they were playing.

    Man you have lots of options. ROFL

    Get to work!!! 😛

  41. Ciao…see ya tomorrow!!

  42. ok im back, are you there? oh and tomorrow ill try and post

  43. How many words to that essay did you write? Cussin’ words don’t count. ROFL

    I am going to eat lunch. I could eat the head off a hobby horse I am so hungry.

    Yes a new post will give me a reason to live!! 😛

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