Posted by: Asmodeus | January 16, 2009


Yeah so im back once again, after finished doing 5 projects im finally back! Oh and look! Its Friday! YAHOO! I got 2 vids (actually its one , the other is how they made it)

and here is the pic

disney click to enlarge



  1. That guy was one hot mess!

    Disney search….. 2funny!

  2. Thats really cool.

  3. And the disney thing is halirous!

  4. OMG!!! ☼ SΫĐąџßФ¥§☼

    He is alive!!!! Or is he one of the walking dead?

  5. This is going into moderation…. it just the way it rolls! LOL

  6. omg! he is alive!!!


  8. WTF…. did you crash and burn? LMAO

  9. lol

  10. Lol about the pic!!!

  11. Or were overly excited about seeing
    ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼? I mean…. lol

  12. lol yeah i havent been on the computer in so long. cp is so boring nowadays i dont play it anymore but my brother dose.

  13. Ah yah, you been gone a long time! I can’t comment on your site or I would have come looking for you! 😛 Search and rescue.

  14. or search and slaughter … kidding

  15. That’s too messy! Who wants the clean up?

  16. watta fuck?! there is blood on my hands! taco has been missing for a few hours… oh no….

  17. Call the cleaner…

    Did you see Pulp Fiction? Yes….there is a cleaner! LOL

  18. i didnt but i heard of it

  19. You owe it to yourself to see it!

  20. Has everyone gone into hiding? Scaredy cats!

  21. lol this is the only blogg i acually missed. And ζiρΦ7 i don’t know why it wont let you comment im trying to remove it but im failing pretty badly.

  22. blogg should just be blog.

  23. it doesnt let him because u disabled comments from people that arent members of wordpress, i can enable it for you if you change my role to admin

  24. Does that promotion come with pay? 😛

    YES YOU SHOULD MISS US! WE ARE SPECIAL. And we don’t ride the short bus either!!!! ROFL

  25. Its dinner time! Anybody want chicken!?

  26. And who said I was a him? I maybe a her. Maybe I am a It. LOL I have never told anyone my gender. It is not like we are looking for a date. Well I’m not!!!! ROfL

  27. prove me wrong! 😛

  28. I love chicken. But I don’t play chicken. 😆

  29. avoiding the proof aye? 😛 …. where are you chicky? chick chick chick chicken!

  30. LMAO…..

  31. CLUCK CLUCK CLUCK….. I left a “fowl” vid for you. >:]

    And it ain’t KFC! 😛

  32. lol at the video

  33. 😀

  34. 2funny! That guy is on something or he went off his meds!

  35. And why is a bananna singing this?

  36. didnt u know? bananas are trying to achieve world domination!

  37. Ain’t gonna happen. Banannas go soft!

    Here is the real threat!!!

  38. Oh, and if you have ever seen Cool Hand Luke….great show btw, there is a saying on there “one in the box and one in the hole.” Well that is my saying on this site. I own it. I always seem to have one in the box “the comment box” and one in the hole, “in moderation”. 😆
    I am going to make a jail break someday!

  39. ahahaha cheese from foster’s home for imaginary friends, man i used to watch that show a lot in the past. blu ftw!

  40. Then you know what it takes to stay alive. 🙂

  41. And some day I am going to get rid of this lip lickn’, bug-eyed, two-haired teapot for an avi. No wait….it is a good cover! Who would attack that avi? >:)

  42. you blew your cover ha! i just hired some FBI agents! your mine now MWAHAHAHAHA! 😛

  43. CIA …..took your guy out. I am too well protected.

  44. LOL oh icey youre now an admin so if you could change that comment problem thatd be great.

  45. yeah i noticed, it will take a while to find it on thew new dashboard, ill comment back on my site as soon as i fix it

  46. ok got it! zipo go to taco’s site and try and leave a comment

  47. Is taco is cover name? Cuz the new pin on CP is a taco. Yah, he was hiding at the snow fort!!! LOL

  48. I meant is taco “his” cover name?

    Yah, I got on, but I am in the hole. (moderation) I hate that hole. :mrgreen:

  49. tacokid was his CP name lol

  50. So Sunnydays boys was a name he chose for his wordpress site? Very interesting. He must be running from something or someone. LOL

  51. lol and yeah sunnydayboys was just for his site as far as i know

  52. So what is the Sh5…deal? I think this guy is a hot mess. LOL

  53. tacokid5 or whatever = his penguin
    sch5= his brother’s penguin
    sunnydayboys= his site’s name


  54. Capiche. 🙂

  55. Was that a gun or a pizza in your hand?

  56. my middle foot…errr i mean the gun that is in the middle of my feet 😀

  57. Wow you are very flexible. A great talent you have there! Well just don’t shoot yourself in the foot! Or any other place for that matter. 😆

  58. no worries, im out of ammo anyway, i got buy some new ammunition and it got to be fast…now wheres that playboy magazine… kidding

  59. LOL….where there hell is everybody? Maybe this post scared them out of their little minds or their mums are not letting them play with us anymore cuz of the guns and playboy mags we have. Maybe you should try changing the post to a Mickey Mouse cartoon. 🙂

  60. I came here to do some of my usual drama but I finally realized that only girls are willing to listen and you’re not one. 😛


  61. zipo…i dont agree with u on the mickey mouse part….

  62. omfg, 62 comments on this post (including this one) and its only been 6 days since i posted it, weird…

    oh and zipo i insist! create ur own hotmail and download windows live messenger, it will make chatting a lot easier

  63. What is hlgs saying? Now I am confused and have a headache. GEEZ, I may have a brain tumor!

  64. Oh got nada on the link. It says Google run away brain does not exist. I knew it… it is talking about my brain tumor. God Help Me Jesus…. I do have a horrible headache today. 😥

  65. i dont know either , she confused me too. and meh its just a headache, take 1-2 panadol pills and u will be fine

  66. OMG…. you are a doctor in you spare time. Yes, I took two sinus tabs and I think my tumor is gone! ROFL

  67. homg! didnt u know? doctor in my spare time and assassin in the night! 😛

  68. oh and since the link to the pic isnt working i found a new one… here it is(i found it on my laptop lol and uploaded it on imageshack just now) :

    oh and zipo, who told u about my site or how did u find it?

  69. Uh O….. am I in trouble? I plead the 5th…. right after I drink it. LOL!!!!

    Wah, you don’t remember me. Well I commented all the time on Ag’s site. You were on staff there and you were hilarious. Ag, Coolpengue aka now Logan, you and myself were on xat and you guys were cussin’ and I kept saying …do you guys kiss yo mama with those mouths. And you said yes. It was 2funny. Then he removed you, so I started coming over here. More now than a year ago. That is how is all began. I stopped commenting on his old site and his new site about 2 weeks ago. He wasn’t giving me a thrill. ROFL I will check out the link.

  70. OMG>>>>MICKEY HAS RABIES! A viral zoonotic neuroinvasive disease. LMAO!!

  71. so funny! iwas making a rly funy aycronym for soemthing ( a longer version of rofl) i just couldnt it was too long

  72. OMG… I left a comment on lilguy574’s site this morning. OMG…talk about the walking dead. He was suspose to be posting to Ag’s site and just up and took a walk. LOL Well “HE LIVES”…. the weasel. LMAO

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