Posted by: Asmodeus | January 7, 2009

I aint dead!

Sorry for not posting the vid i promised but i had to do 3 fucking projects for fucking school, what kind of holidays are these?! Anyway, by the time i was done with them , i had visitors for 5 days so i couldnt post anything. Well thats it! Today was the first day of school after the Christmas holidays and guess what! It sucked like any other school day! Last night i wanted to do like this guy on the vid bellow but i didn’t want to buy a new laptop so… here is the vid:

Have fun 😀

watch the whole thing by the way if you truly ARE the son/daughter of your mother 😛



  1. OMFG, Zipo died! 😐

  2. noooooooo i lost a loyal one! R.I.P. Zipo7 ! D:

  3. I died, so I couldn’t watch the vid. RIP

  4. lol, watch it if you havent 😛

  5. you got me worried , i posted around 7 hours ago and didnt get a single response from you

  6. You killed me.

  7. =D born to be assaaaaaassiiiiin!

  8. anyway i got to go now, its like 23:52 here and there is school tomorrow 😐 but first ill watch the vid again 😀

  9. That. Video. Is. Freaky.

  10. Why dont you make an MSN Zipo? So we can add you and chat XD It would be interesting.

  11. Ok… it wasn’t the kiss of death…

    I LIVE!!!!!!

  12. Dang… I went to moderation again. Or I really am dead. LOL
    I LIVE….
    Look this up on YouTube…. I posted the it but it went poof.
    killing joke – the death and resurrection show


  13. I am going nuts like the kid in the vid…and say some french words. LOL

  14. What the heck time 23:52? Is that some kind of code for assassins?

  15. It’s army time…DUH

  16. zipo, create a hotmail email and use it just for msn, its kinda annoying to chat on here since i have to approve most of ur comments that go into moderation and have to log in xD

  17. I went from to annoying. ROFL Well I after being dead…the annoying is ok. I will look into it. Until then …I will be annoying. ;/

  18. Geez… that didn’t even make sense. I meant, after being dead…annoying is ok.

  19. Did anyone happen to see sunnydayboys quit?

  20. The vid wasn’t funny… My opinion.

  21. It is called military time….not army time. DUH! I was jk’n with icey about the assassin time.

    You harshed my morning mellow!

  22. with all this weird comments a comment of the month award would be great xD

  23. .^.

  24. ^ ^ ^ ^ what the heck is that? lol

  25. It’s a upside down happy face. It went with the wierd award. XD

  26. OH NOES! D:

  27. My mellow is harshed today. Lynn505 just quit the blog scene. They’re dropping like flies I tell ya! 😥

  28. ill never quit! except if someone hires an assassin to kill me.

  29. I always wear a full metal jacket. Those bottom feeders are out there. In grade school I took a course on being a mercenary. I cleaned up the play ground. :mrgreen:

  30. at my 9 years i was trained as an assassin! At my 12 when my assassin training ended i left home and started going to schools to kill their principle! 28 principles down, 4 more are at the hospital right now and they are critically wounded

  31. so scary…so horrifying…so hilarious. I couldnt look away from the horror. Thanks!

  32. I had to go deep under cover when my water pistol broke.

  33. i had to go undercover when they said they will tell my mom 😦

  34. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    LMAO!!! THAT IS REAL FEAR!!!! They can put some serious hurt on ya!! 😯

  35. lol 😛

  36. 😀
    I’ve decided to keep my blog open until the end of April

  37. Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  38. This is going to go into moderation… don’t shoot me!!!! 😆

    Ice: How the hell did you know that this was going into moderation? 😯

  39. I was looking through funny commercials on youtube.

  40. Hiiii icey!!! Omg so much timeee
    I renember when you and mohd bothered saying “coolpengu shits money” lol
    You look taller by the way XD

  41. do you know what happened to alex aka ice vam? Because u know him in real life and maybe u still see him. If you do ever meet him send him a big hug from coolpengu 🙂

  42. LOOKY here….. long time see here. Logan. Woot.

  43. Oops I meant long time no see here…..

  44. logan… no comment lol

  45. ok logan i told him

  46. Covert operations….CIA. I know everything!

  47. บล๊อก, รูปภาพ และอื่นๆ บน — Ice Vampiro ate himself or he melted. LOL

  48. Lol

  49. lets insult fucking disnrey!!! And that pedophile of mickey mouse. icey is the best at this lol

  50. OMG…. you can’t talk like that here. You can’t say the…………………………………………….

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “D WORD” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. oh shit! you used the D word that word is forbidden! you can use the other D word though which is Disgay

  52. Loooooool!! Oh no i said the d word! I will get banned forever!!! Have mercy!!

  53. lol

  54. No mercy for the bad if they want it
    No mercy for the bad if they plead
    No mercy for the bad if they need it
    No mercy from me! ….LOL

    Did ever wonder where Michael Jackson got his white glove from? :mrgreen:

  55. Rotfl!

  56. If I watch that video and my parents find out I’d be grounded till I die

  57. Or if you watch it ….you might go blind. I swear that nasty little kid is the

  58. you can connect your ipod’s or mp3’s headphones to your computer so they wont hear anything

  59. Why that is an excellent idea… or is a trap? Are you trying to “brainwash” us?

  60. Ok…. I am bored. Someone entertain me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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