Posted by: Asmodeus | November 6, 2008

Any of you….

….know a good game i can buy for the PS3? I seriously want to buy a new one and i dont know any good game! By the way it must have online play! Anyway, today we went to a trip with school, it SUCKED!!! The worst school trip ever! Other than that it was a great day! How was your day?

Mr F: Same! Apart from the trip… I went on the 5th Nov to a Museum…BORING AS HELL. Wait, How do I know hell is boring? …

Vampy: I am still here lulz. I am also searching for a good PS3 game with an ONLINE mode. Shooting and blood required 🙂

Taco: Yeah well i don’t have a ps3 but i would have to say CoD5 when it comes out or CoD4 witch is already out. Or idk Metal Gear Soild 4?????? I have no idea. Oh yeah for my field trip or whatever i’m going to Kenny Wood!

Ice: I already own COD4 AND MGS4, anyway have fun on your trip



  1. i didnt have school. we get a five day weeked hahaha!

  2. Heres a good online game that is fun!
    Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

  3. if you like wwe theres only one game smackdown v raw 2009

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