Posted by: Asmodeus | October 23, 2008

Its been a while since i last updated this site

So….? Im bored, school sucks, im again bored, and again, and again! How are you guys doing?



  1. I was going to put out a 411. I thought you were either kidnapped by CP lovers or went underground to hide. Here are a couple of ideas to help out while bored.

    Practice your armpit farting skills or catch a fly, then put in a jar and stick in the fridge (this cools their metabolism down), then tie the fly to the end of a thread 15in. and hold the other end of the thread while you watch it fly around (We have tested this and it works – a lot of patience is involved) ^VV^

  2. i always fail when i try to fart with my armpits , nice idea! lol

  3. Armpit Farts? lol

  4. I have to write a book report.

  5. On armpit farts?

    Mr Funguins Edit: Lol!!!
    Sunnydayboys Edit: How did you know?

  6. How can you tie a fly to the end of a thread??

  7. Im doing boooooooring. Like a sheep!!!! nothing to do wake up eat and sleep

  8. When the fly is like stunned from being in the fridge, take it out, tie a really fine thread around it. You would be surprised how easy this! It was a Science project. It is hilarious. It is like walking your fly and not your dog!

  9. How am I doing? I’m confused as hell. They’re playing hokey pokey at the cp party in new york. Fuck you disney you suck!

  10. yes i agree with myself

  11. lolololololol

  12. har har har im a pirate

  13. I enjoy putting random names under name.

  14. Are you guys kidding?

  15. Hahahahaha….
    Disney does suck because they played hokey pokey at the club penguin party

  16. lOL Zipo. Come to my site and leave awesome comments plz lol!

  17. OMG ALMOST 100,000 PARTY?

  18. btw change the ninjaboy1 to shorty on the blogroll

  19. 5,000 more hits baby any got x box live?

  20. got a PSN, anyone got a PS3 with PSN account and one of the following games: GTA IV, CoD4 ?

  21. what the fuck happened to your layout?

    (I know it’s that background gradient thing you made. It’s weird like this though.)

    Anyway, It’s been a sad and slow week for me. (but you already knew that. duh.)

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