Posted by: ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ | September 1, 2008

Club Penguin Commercial Spoof

Plz Comment, Rate, and Sub if you want 😉



  1. Nice Dude! Please add me to the blogroll!

  2. I subbed ya

  3. woah new theme

  4. wtf up with the theme?

  5. you will learn soon enough ¬ ¬

  6. I like it this theme.

    Sch5 has like 70,400 coins. He should take out a time share on a igloo condo!!!

  7. Nice CSS, man!

  8. ha well now you cant do the coin cheat but before it ended i got 1,000,000

  9. same xD

  10. Can’t touch that!!!! Holy Crapola!

  11. hahaha! funny!

  12. Rofl. Lol. That’s funny. I’m gonna so bookmark that. 😉

  13. Could have done without the 90’s music.

  14. Cool CSS!

  15. wow! you got css!!! nice!!!

  16. just updated the background, tomorrow ill try and change those light blue bars

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