Posted by: ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ | August 29, 2008

New Catolog and Pin

The new pin is in the boiler room.

And the new catolog.

I thought it was a great catolog. Did you like it?




  1. OMG! I told them to use gradients because i was sick of solid colors and they said that htey will think of it! OMG they added gradients!

  2. are you serious?

  3. omg

  4. icey go on msn i sent a friend request like a month ago. lol

  5. yes i am serious, what ur msn so i can add u? because i have 2 emails , u must of added me on the other one

  6. k i added u

  7. um if u go on cp and go to the frenquently asked questions page u will see a penguin with a darker colour of red in a picture. could this mean a new colour?? if u post about it please give credit to hey1509 and penguin38006423 also please but a link if its ok to thnx so much u rock!!!

  8. i dont think we will post that cuz its probally just a mistake.

  9. There’s a secret gnome glitch in the catalog where if you click on the box that says “buy” an item will appear and it asks if you want to buy it this only works if your running the gnome hack.

  10. btw ice drills it was my idea for the green swim trunks and also my idea for the marshmallow on the stick.

  11. PS: did u notice they hid the pin in the exact same spot as they did 50 weeks ago?

  12. yeah

  13. Hey Nice Post!. I love This Site! and Ice can i be on ur blogroll? I added You to My Blogroll i have over 35,000 hits!

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