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penguin games

here is a post from mrfun5 cuz i cant make one because im what you call SICK! 😥  😦


Hey everyone! The Penguin Games Events have begun! Here are tips for winning the gold medal.

First, click on the medal in the top corner of your screen. A plaque will show up with different sport events.

Here is a list of the sports events that must be completed.

• Swim Meet
• Marathon
• 3 laps around the Ice Berg.

1. Swim Meet

Start at the Pool/Cave. Stand on the starting point and wait until a sign counts down. Waddle across the pool until the light on the other side brightens. Once you have done 5 laps you win.

2. Running Marathon

Go to the Ski Village for the starting point. Remember that you must stop at every light you see. Make sure each one lights up or else you can’t finish.

3. Laps around the Ice Berg.

You must complete a total of 3 laps around the Ice Berg. Like the marathon, make sure you stop at each light or that lap will not count.

After completing each event click on the medal in the top corner and claim your prize!

You may now receive a gold medal for finishing each sports event.

Also go to the Snow Forts. The Hockey Rink is now a soccer field and there is a new pathway that leads to a temporarely hockey rink.

You can find Blue Face Paint in the Pizza Parlor.

The Red Face Paint is also located at the Coffee Shop.



  1. i just made u admin again

  2. how do u even complete them!?

  3. stop at the lights and wait until they turn yellow and make sure you start at the start line and wait until it says go.

  4. hey Ice hope u get better soon

  5. ice isnt the one who is sick. i am and i hate throwing up. 😦

  6. TMI sunnydayboys. LOL. Brought that face paint back….everyone knew they would. Good post…and everyone get better fast!

  7. Oww… I am an author right now 😦
    I miss my admin days… rofl
    Anyway, fuck you CP! How can it be that you braught back everything back?

  8. Ohh! Now I know why you made everyone Authors! It is because someone edited the homo post! I think it wasnt me… but you never know… oh wait, i have just noticed about this because i am always late, i mean, i miss everything that happens 😦

  9. I miss my days as an admin on this website….

  10. you were never lol

  11. You guys are hilarious! Shame on you logan…remember you kiss yo mamma with that same mouth! LOL

  12. lol, sometimes i regret the time i chose to have users to help me lol

  13. lol yeah i can see how having so may users might not be good plus only me and you really post others do but hardly at all

  14. Nice lol

  15. Ok!! If you want I cant make a post!
    Its title will be “Why do I think that planet earth will be destroyed by a giant black hole”

  16. dude logan you have a wierd mind.

  17. Looking for a free member penguin? Check out my site to win one!

  18. Oh I’m pretty sure I was an admin.
    An elephant never forgets! 😉

  19. LOL Icey… “users” might be the problem here. LOL

    Karpolo….. that is a myth about elephants! And seriously… do you want to bond with a big grey beast?

  20. i think ur a hippo more than anything Zipo7

  21. My mind is an enigma!

  22. haha i bet logan was the one who edited it, because a few minutes after i edited the post back to normal i went to my panel where it says what happened on the sites ima user on, and guess what? logan commented on his site like a few minutes after i posted it. so it might be u lol

  23. plus logan is always talking to himself. hmmmmm

  24. I never really trusted logan, he’s like an elephant…

  25. I really hope I wasn’t one of those ‘regret users’. ‘Coz I have done nothing wrong – and nothing right.

    I just take up the space 😛

  26. But you said you were an elephant karpolo…and you can rhyme too. Genius

  27. who said elephants are smart? lol

  28. Will you guys shut up! LOL

  29. never

  30. make me!

  31. IT WASNT ME!

  32. What it has to do that i commented on my site with someone editing ur post!
    And I never post on ur site plus i dont care whatever u post!

  33. we dont care about what you say! your an elephant according to karpolo lol

  34. Yes research from the university of st. Johns has recently discovered proof your an elephant 😛

  35. Hmm I dont know if this is a joke, or if ur talking seriously Ice Drills, but I think you are ruining and poisoning our friendship with imaginary hypothesis made by you.

  36. And Karpolo, dont you realize i am ignoring you?
    I mean, who cares what a 10 years old boy thinks. I willl get you down from the pony, the truth is that Santa Claus doesnt excist, just like ur brain.

  37. hey ppl remember me???? i havent been on caus ei have been in france and skool ive missed this site………. anywasy y is everyone sick?!?!?!?

  38. im not sick anymore and ice was never sick

  39. Is this the fun part? Are we having fun now? 😆

  40. Logan okay?

    I am quite aware Santa isn’t real and I’m not 10 years old, get a sense of humor.

  41. moi sick? nevah!!!! lalalalalalalalalalalalalala, santa is real! how could you! you idiot. stop lying! SANTA IS REAL!!!!! 😛

  42. now that i think of it…. it was AGUAIR! that sick dude was hunting me down till he found out where i live! he killed my TV , and raped my PS3!!!! thank god he didnt do anything to my laptop!


    me 😈

  43. waaaait a minute! it might even be shrimp! who knows what he was doing this whole time?! hmmmmm maybe he was the one , he hacked me and edited the post!!!!!!! lol


    … now that he is dead LETS PART-AAAAY!!!

  45. huh, funguin?? maybe its mrs funguin LOL

  46. LOL Ice!

  47. lol ill bring the ice cream.

  48. we still need someone to bring cake, chips, salsa and brownies and candy.
    p.s. all other food is welcome.

  49. and we even have 2 elephant mascots! logan and karpolo! WOO HOO

  50. lol
    p.s. 50th comment I WANT MY PRIZE!NOW!!!!!!

  51. I don’t want to rain on your parade… but too many elephants STINK up the works! Karpolo was the first to identify with an elephant… let him clean up the “HOT MESS”! ROFL

  52. ROFL ZIPO!!!!!!!!!!

  53. lol and logan should dress like a clown , what kind of party is it without a clown??!!?! lol


  55. NO!!! monkeys will eat my bananas!

  56. didnt got the joke icedrills

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