Posted by: ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ | August 15, 2008

new things going on in cp

ok so ill start off with the pin

 (very creative cp) lol

located at the stage

now for the sports catolog


Good Things: they didnt bring back the face paint or ice skates ) and  the have some  cool furniture stuff.

Bad Things: not really any clothing. but still pretty good overall.

Now for the new igloo im sure you all have been waiting for.

Ship Igloo: nothing at all that i expected, not too much room as i thoguht. This igloo is great for all your rockhopper items but not for me because im not really i fan of pirates.

Gym Igloo: i was suprised they brought this igloo back. alotough now that i think of it not really. well while everyone was buying the ship igloo i bought the gym igloo because as i said before im not a pirates fan. and what worked out great for me is that i already had some really cool gym stuff. like the wieght lifting bench, exercise ball, socreboard, basketball hoops,hockey nets and some thing else but i dont know the name of it. :/

not bad cp, not bad.




  1. If you cover the left side of the boat, (the side with the stairs), then it looks like the boat is on it’s side flipping over, it’s sort of an optical illusion. So I guess I live in an illusion! Cool!

  2. karpolo is right, its really an illusion if u cover the stairs

  3. btw DAMN IT! that must be the most creative pin! lol

  4. you said “hockey nets and some thing else but i dont know the name of it. :/”, is it the treadmill?

  5. Karpolo is right!!!
    lol yes Ice, what else where you waiting from CP Stuff?
    The next pin will be the “invisible pin” lol
    Can’t you see its abstract art? It is maybe a bubblegum, maybe a dodgeball or just paintboy’s head 🙄 xD

  6. no lol heres a pic of it!

  7. (‘-._) logan how do you do that 😐

  8. An elephant never forgets. -_-


  10. Sweet!

  11. meh im bored (¯`·._)Ice Drills(¯`·._)

  12. how do you do that!

  13. (¯`·._) i did it you have to go to character map

  14. 😛 took me long enough

  15. or just copy paste cool pengu’s name and type ur name instead lol

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