Posted by: Asmodeus | August 9, 2008


I was away for 3 DAYS, i knew that noone would post so i didnt mind but then he said that he would post and he didnt! Sorry for not posting but my pass is over 4 million digits and i dont remember it 😛

Mr Funguin: Slipped my mind… 😛

Rockhopper has been sailing the seas and made his return today.

He brought back the Pirate Boots in another colour (

Found at the Migrator
Found at the Migrator

There are the usual member items P


In this part I will tell you where everything is.

Click the paper boat in the corner of the screen near the Mod badge.

Here are the rooms where the boats are, they are NOT in order as I was rushing around lol.









When you’ve done collecting all the boats, click the blueprint button.
From there you’ll get the peices to making a blueprint.
It will look like this.
When you’ve done that, click Claim Prize.
Whats more boring than the background that you get lol )
It could have been a medal or something.
The Prize note said that they will now have the blueprint complete for the new igloo…
Yes it is!
– Mr F –


  1. lol if you saw my post below you know why i couldnt post

  2. Awesome a Migrator igloo that will be fun.

  3. weeeee, i would name the title gayness because the boots are gay! cant they make something new instead of re-coloring the old ones?

  4. ice lets make a game and we keep on bringing the same item with different colors xD

  5. lol

  6. Hey there Ice!


    “I’ll kill Funguin?” lmao

    Yes, it’s Waddle3773… a.k.a Peegay.. just saying Hi.

  7. Hey Ice!!!
    Well, whil my Computer is being fixed, i am using one with windows 98!!
    I mean, this thing is like prehistoric, it shoul be on a museum…
    And I dunno how i did delete that windows file… but it is funny because when I turn on my Computer, it can’t open windows !! I dont kno how i did delete that file… hmmm weird just like me :p

  8. hi!!

  9. At least they didn’t bring back the old black boots, but still Disgay shouldn’t do that!!!! And there making a pirate shit igloo!? Who the hell wants to live in a pirate ship?

  10. “Awesome a Migrator igloo that will be fun.”

    lol, you said that karp, hahahaha

  11. Thx ice drills 🙂 I was quite surprised when I saw the post link!! LOL!!! 😀

  12. cp is so boring right now 😦

  13. Somebody is impostering me I think the Migrator igloo would be cool!

  14. OMG!!! Now the imposter me says that Im impostering him or something! Well eerybody know your the fake one because I have the pic coz im logged in to my wordpress!!!!

  15. karpolo dude stop talking to yourself. i looked at your computer ip and they both match you and your so called “imposter”

  16. lol i knew that he is the same person

  17. hahaha dam the ip codes, well sat least I didn’t say I love Icedrills like somebody I know.

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