Posted by: ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ | August 1, 2008

new catolog and pin

 the pin is under the puffle on the speaker in the dance club

Now time for the catolog

 i guess the glacier suit is ok……. not a favorite but good

 ok these shoes SUCK! i dont care what you say crocs are stupid and the checkered shoes are for skaters and skaters dont play cp only posers do!

 i dont like these 2 pages because i already have the ffireman suit and everything else is for girls…..

i didnt post the hidden stuff cuz im packing and im leaving for vacaton tomorrow and ill be back in a week

  and rockhopper is coming hope he dosent bring us reapeats in a different color :p




  1. thanks man for posting, im not able to log in , as u know my pass is over 4 million digits and since i use a wireless connection on hot days it goes crazy and really slow so i cant log in

  2. hey ice im leaving for vacation in an hour and will be back in a week plz post for me if you can.

  3. aw man i wanted to see icedrills reaction to the pathetic catolag

  4. and yeah, the glacier suit looks cool in the catolg but not really on ur player

  5. Those bastards gave away my old black rare lettermen jacket! And now everywhere I go I see people wearing it! Even the girls! They’re mocking me! but then I found my rare green lettermen jacket, but it just doesn’t look as cool as the black one…

  6. yeah! those ass fuckers! yay my purple hoodie is still rare! if those bastards bring it back ill kill them

  7. ROFL… don’t hold back guys! Go for the throat! LOL! 2funny

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