Posted by: ☼ŞџΩΩΫĐąџßФ¥§☼ | July 28, 2008

you can met the band!!!!!!!!!!!

If you haven’t noticed the Club Penguin Band is not playing at the Ice Berg. Instead they are roaming Club Penguin much like Rockhopper giving out a new item. The new item is an autographed background and is only for members. Here’s a picture of the new item.

The Club Penguin Band will go backstage in differnt servers, here is a picture of all their player cards. When you click the box you will receive the background.

i got this from mike 92s site!!!and i found them in 10 minutes!i like g billy hes pretty cool he wanted to see my gutair and then hes like can i hold that real quick and i said yes then he said *signs gutair* lol



  1. Coolio!

  2. when i first saw the box i thought the free item was there penguin band hat (the brown one) but the backround still is pretty cool

  3. um. ice my site gets only like 2 hit per day. is there a way to get like 200?

  4. Hey look at the background theres a red sneeker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey ice i made u a header :p

  6. this is stupid ( not the person) but non members not being able to go backstage to recieve a backround is completely unfair.

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