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music jam party! and a snowcat!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

Icey: Heh its ok, btw about the snow cats…heh…ninjas? OH and those ass fuckers brought back so many instruments! Its a good thing they didnt bring back my classic guitar woot. And i only liked the bass guitar

ok to start of this party is the most decorated party in cp HISTORY!!!(finally they acually do something good) lol

ok this is weird at the pizza palor there is a snow cat!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!? snow cats where only avlible in penguin chat 3 and why is there one at the pizza parlor? take a look

now that is out of the way here is some stuff about the party

first here is the new game

its called DJ3K

second is the frre items

the 2 free item are maracas(cove) and a T-shirt(plaza)

note you have to buy the backstage pass at the snowforts to gain entry into the backstage (located at the dock)

third is the backstage at the dock

if you walk over to the items 4 for sale box you buy some cool instuments including a new one! and click the i for the red gutair

fourth  is some cool things you can do at the party

a wierd machine :/

one of the coolest things at the party is the music maker 3000 its really neat go check it out!

a cool piano that you can play (not that exciting lol)

also there is an aplase button in the conner of your screen so you can cheer on your favorite band!

well that covers the main stuff and if you look around cp you will see alot of different stages set up!

so get rockin!




  1. I know this isnt the best post, but its late and im tired.

  2. I noticed the snowcat thing too! Maybe this is linking to something!?

  3. I guess I’m not the only one who noticed the snowcat thing.

  4. Good job and good post!

  5. Icey—ROFL.

  6. this is a pretty good party for the new cp

  7. lol ice u think all the party’s are crap

  8. dude idk if u have notice but i think everyday the stage at the dock changes……weird…

  9. shrimp your right. that is weird

  10. its not weird read about the dock in the news

  11. i never said i dont like the party, its in medium levels for me, i want sometihng like the 2007 water party or summer kick off party, but not hte camping party, it was hte start of the disasters!

  12. lol so true

  13. It said in the newspaper the Dock was gonna be changing themes everyday.

  14. If you go to the lighthouse,
    There is a model snowcat inside a bottle,
    They might bring the snowcat back in a mission some time…
    Who knows???

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