Posted by: Asmodeus | July 18, 2008

new igloo catalog

hey its puffer i doubt taco will post so ill do it.

The music catalog came out today its sucks really bad with older items .Also the new pin came out today its located at the pool.Its a treble clef.

The new catalog is out i wont give you the cheats that takes the fun out of it.Its all about music.

The nightclub is underconstruction for the new game.

Thats it.

tacos EDIT: well i would have posted i had all the pic lol but you beat me to it (i just woke up a little bit ago.long night) anyways here the catolog

 the catolog cover

heres what it all looks like

ps here is a sneek peek of the music festival

now im guessing there will be a BUNCH OF STAGES set up around cp and this one seems western themed




  1. Comment me back ice

  2. lol i cant wait for icedrills to post his criticisms against disney! Although he might not cuz this new catalog was actually cool.

  3. ha ha lol

  4. you forgot to circle the wall speakers they’re new too i think

  5. ha karpolo i just realized that right befor i read these comments i just thought they where normal speakers. woops! 😳

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