Posted by: Asmodeus | July 18, 2008


Ok im back on my laptop and since im bored of YOU FILTHY BASTARDS! i made page for you to advertise there and not spam the other posts! BUT DONT DARE ADVERTISE MORE THAN ONCE A DAY OR ILL I.P. BAN YOU! -_-



  1. lol so did i do a good job?

  2. I hate everone that makes those pages!! They all Copied me!! I had deleted it like yesturday,and now I dont have proof that I made it!! 😦 alot of people copy others

  3. LOL filthy advertisers

  4. dark? are u stupid?!!? i only went to ur site once and that was 1 month ago, and i had an advertise page like 1 year ago!

  5. i hate when people asume someone copyed them just because they have the same page

  6. I am sometimes a filthy
    advertiser 😛

  7. Sup Iceh..

    Ye its meeeeeeee!
    I got my own Real Life blog.. I’ll tell ya on MSN..

    Woohoo for Peegay!

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