Posted by: Asmodeus | July 17, 2008

July CP Newspaper

Hey, the newspaper came today and those 3 music freaks will sink the ice berg when the party begins! Take the poll thingy and click done, then see for your self!  GUYS THERE IS A NEW RUMOR ON CP THANKS TO THE 3 MUSIC FREAKS! LETS ALL GET OUR GUITARS AND GO TO THE ICE BERG AND START PLAYING TO TIP IT!! WOO HOO! Anyways here are the pics:

<—- TOLD YA!



  1. that would be awesome if they tipped it

  2. Yay finally were gonna be able to tip the iceburg! Hold on… if the iceburg tips… then all of their instruments will fall in to the water and we’ll use aqua grabber to find them and we’ll get signed backgrounds for finding them! Just like before! YAY!

  3. dude karpolo that could be very possible

  4. hey ice i was thinking well instead of hiring a new person i thought about changing your postion. i mean the only reason your a contributer is because i didnt know if you wanted to work on my site or not but if you do i will make you an editor or athour and if you dont want to be part of my site at all thats fine.just tell and consider it done!

  5. new pin in cave and check out the night club

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