Posted by: Asmodeus | July 7, 2008

Sad Day

Yesterday (6 of july) my dog died 😦 , i dont know why but one of the following reasons might be the one she died for:

1) She was too old (12 years and around 86 in dog years)
2) She might of had cancel because her hair at a smart part (very small) of her head fell
3) The gay cats at my neighborhood were sick (i learnt that yesterday) and my dog might of got sick by them!

I was with my dog since i was 1 years old 😦



  1. 😦 omg!

  2. dont worry!!!
    i had a dog for 10 years too when someone get it from my house.he stole my dog.


  3. i know how you feel.

    My dog is 12 years too, i had him since i was 1 too, but im very worried… hes becoming def, and his eyesights not the best,and he needs to go to the bathroom alot, soo yeah, sorry! 😥

  4. Sorry to hear that. Your sadness will pass with time. Just be glad your dog was not suffering a long time.

  5. i am so sorry my dog died last year she was with me for my whole life but then you know at least your dog wont suffer any more

  6. sorry to hear that my dog died because of cancer she had like 50 tumors.but then we decided to move on and got my dog that i have right now.casey. just remember dont forget your loved ones but dont let them hold you back.stay strong ice i know you can get throught this

  7. what was your dogs name and what breed was she?
    if you want to see what my dog go to my site and in the searh bar type”my dog”

  8. Stupid noobish cats

  9. 😦

  10. Awww.
    Sad to hear that. When you told me on WLM, I was like :O

    The bad part is, that if you get another dog, it will never be like your old dog. It’ll be different 😦

    – Mr Funguin.

  11. Man, That stinks. 😦 But Ice Can I tell You Something? God Was Ready For Your Dog.

  12. sorry 2 hear that..thats sucks..sorry 😦

    P.S.just to let u know that im bak to cp 😀



  13. 😦

  14. Awww how sad. I feel sorry for you
    I have two dogs
    one is 14 and the other one is 1

  15. its ok icey i no how u fell my puppy got in a fight and passed away to 😦 so yah but i remeber the pic of your dog u should me and she wuz a awesome looking dog so yah i fell bad for u icey

  16. Awww..
    I’m SO sorry that your dog died.

  17. My dog died too. A long time ago though…

  18. srry ice drills thats really upseting but my mom had 2 go threw the same thing and so did i my dog lived 4 about years and i was with the dog since i was 1 2

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