Posted by: Asmodeus | June 27, 2008

Club Penguin Rockhopper + Catalog+ Key to his quarters + New sports Catalogue

Hello! Disney proved me once again that they dont have a chance against NHI!(New Horizon Interactive) The brought back 2 items, 1 old and another very old with a simple change of colours. The item that they brought back with different colours was one of my old fav items(the old colours, HA HA I HAVE IT!). Well Disney proved it and on another way which is: they dont freaking know how ot design new items so they bring back old items with different colors or perfectly the same!! Now seriously i would like to see a Mickey Mouse hat on the catalogue instead of my rare items or any other rare items of other penguins! Dont they know what creativity means?!

Back on topic

To go to his quarters, simply get the key from the journal in the book room!

Here are pics from the catalogue and the quarters:





AAAAAAAAH MY FINGERS HURT! I need to get used to typing a lot again ¬¬ jeez

SEE YA!!!!!



  1. Hi Ice!
    That sucks that they brought back an item…

  2. wtf? i dont get anything DISNEY SUKS

  3. i tried emailing him man nothing

  4. wtf dude where is ur meebo?!?!?!!?!?!!?

  5. idk it BEEPING disappeared mwahahahahahaha

  6. your right disney bores me :/ anyways glad to see you posting cp things to me when you hold the soccer ball it just looks like they enlarged the pin

    ps why did you cirlce the one part of the soccer ball

  7. because there is the hidden item, and yea they just enlarged the pin same with the basket ball

  8. same old ice…

  9. Lol yes, they dont have creativity.
    I mean, for e.g. look at aunt arctic. She hasn´t even
    got clothes but a horrible hat and nerdish glasses.

  10. yo icey how do u get the patch for GTA4 cuz i cant find it anywhere maybe it is only out in cyprus?

  11. um its impossible rockstar released it, and the patch is the update that when u open ur game it tells u to update, 5 days ago a new update came called version 1.02 which fix a few lags on the online game

  12. so i just open up the game and it says do u want to download version 1.02 and u say yes and it downloads the patch and stuff????

  13. yep , dude do u download the updates for ur games or ur plastation? 2 weeks ago sony released an update for PS3’S hardware

  14. I don’t respect you, but I do agree with you, Disney really should make new furniture instead of just bringing back old items and just selling the same ones with different colour.

  15. sometimes i download the updates

  16. Hey ice, do u kno GTA San andreas?

  17. passed it in 5 days then 4 more days to complete it 100%

  18. but its very old, 4 years old!

  19. Ok looks like diesney has photoshop CS3 and a time machine

  20. cp doesnt use photoshop for the game they use flash, and is it so hard to open hte fla file where they store the clothes and just make a copy of it and change the colors?

  21. ahhh Ice u speak in another language whats flash XD?

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