Posted by: Lynne505 | June 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ice Drills!

Hope you have an AWESOME day!




  1. Happy B Day Ice!!!! :mrgreen: How old are you turning?

  2. That was nice of u lynne but I thought his birthday was yesterday! Whatever lol

  3. Thanks

  4. Happy B-day!

  5. Happy birthday icey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now u are a teenager!!

  6. xronia polla re icedrills!!!

    posa klineis???


  7. Yes he is 13 🙄

  8. Ice is now 14, same as me

  9. happy b day ice!!!!!!!!

  10. I am 14…

  11. Belated Happy Birthday Ice Drills!
    you’re an awesome friend and I hope you had a birthday that was as awesome as you! 🙂

  12. 1) Im 13
    2) Yea my bday is on the 15th Enricom not on the 14 like u said 😛

  13. icey i think i am gonna quit my site no one ever comments or goes on it has been a week and 15 people have been on my site 😦

  14. Your welcome Ice!

  15. ohhh ok

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