Posted by: Asmodeus | June 13, 2008

Water Party



I dont know if you know but if you didnt know then you’re about to know what I know and you will know.

So what you’re gonna know is:

The Water Party Started Today!!!!

Whoo! The line about “know’”s was pretty confusing…

There are 3 FREE items.

The newspaper actually gave clues as to what the items would be.

Here are the items and their location.

Free Items - Yellow Duckie + Shell Necklace

Also the return of the Aprons at the Plaza!

Its not in a fancy pic cause I found this after I did the above pic.


Did you notice the pipes all over Club Penguin?


They are a cool feature. I love splashing the penguins lol!SPLASH!

Moving on the IceBerg and there is a hidden room!

Check out this pic!


Did I forget anything?

I didnt did I?

Wait I did.



P.S: New Stage Is Here To.

The Penguins that time forgot.

– Waddle On Around the Water Mountain –

Mr Funguin.


  1. i think cp did well on this party

  2. and if it is 10:30 here then is it 7:30 there???

  3. Hey, good multi tasking on putting the ducky and necklace together.

    Lord how I love that hose (aka pipe as you call it) . I knocked back several people today. LOL

  4. Dumb introduction Mr Fun!! lol jk
    This post was amazing as they all are.
    Taking away the contnent, they are so
    neat and colorful and like stylish in some way XD

    Solong time i dont get on MSN… lol
    Ill be on all night

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