Posted by: Asmodeus | May 24, 2008

Weird Question

Hey, i have a weird question, which of you play GTA IV? And if any of you do play it and have an online account what’s your online name? 😛 I don’t think that any of you play it 😛



  1. I have no clue what it is..

  2. i do, my online name is ‘Solo..12…’

  3. ok add me, im Dare_GM_Devil yea i know its a dumb name but all the good names were taken!

  4. I dont

  5. i can’t, my live id is down 4 a while!

  6. ok

  7. i did intill i played it so much it crashed

  8. when you say crash you mean hte lock up? if yea, download the patch then to fix it

  9. there is a patch for it now!?!?!

  10. dude the patch is released since may 5!!!! p.s when u go on the game it will ask u if u want to upgrade the game to version 1. something thats the patch! but u need a Internet connection

  11. yea,when I got my 360,that same day(later) my Big bro bought that game and we were about to play it,it said if we wanted to upgrade it,so we put “yes” and it didn`t work 😦 and then we tried it again and again until SOMEHOW it worked,and we didn`t have it connected to the internet! 🙂 🙂 oh yea,was that bad or something?

  12. its actually good but i dont understand how could you download the patch without internet connection, its plain weird!

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