Posted by: Asmodeus | May 19, 2008


Sadly i have to announce that the spam comments went up by 50% ,  it used to be each 10 comments  and the 3 of them are spams, now its each 10 comments 6 of them are spams. I blocked over 20 users from commenting FOREVER, if u see your comments not appearing, its not my fault but ur stupidness of not wanting to follow the rules.



  1. please dont be me

  2. ice drills what age are you?

  3. …..

  4. YAY im not spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. ratssaafwevbn, im turning 13 on the 15 of june :DDDDD

  6. i hate stupid spammers!

  7. COOL! Your turning 13 ,Ice? On June 15th..

    Then you’ll be a teen!!

    I turned 13 in April, the 28th.

  8. Hahah!!
    U are 12!! *in an annoying voice*
    Die!! XD

    Well, take care little baby 😉

  9. Rgg spammers annoy me. I get spam POSTS on my site now. Ppl I thought could help me advertise their site on mine without permission. It just is hard to be fun.

  10. I dont think its me 😀

  11. coolpengu: grandpa, shut up 😛 lol

  12. im turning 12 on june 22nd

    ur ummm 7 days older than me!!!!!!!

  13. ur 12 now cool same here ill be 13 next year p.s im one month older than you on cp wait when did u join?

  14. Eyup, 13 follows 12. 😉

  15. wut i meant to say is im 12 turning 13 to on june 22 🙂

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