Posted by: Alex IV | May 16, 2008

Mediavel Party 2008

Ice Drills: while moderating my comments and aguair’s i came across a comment from someone saying both to me and aguair to stop swearing, when i saw it on ag’s site i was like wtf, ag never swore , the name of that dude was either “Me40” or “Me42”, well dude i have 3 words for u, GET A LIFE!


Hi Guys
Vam Here

Today the new Party arrived to CP. It’s the 4th best party in CP for me. Almost all the rooms are decorated, i like the free item, the music is good, its full of castles and towers and luckily for me its not a member Party.

But CP made a Big Mistake. There is a new room. Yes a new room,
its located in the forest. Like you see there are two green pathways on the tree. The Problem is that cp put the wrong SWF link on the pathways and the pathways direct us to an unknown swf link. The link is . CP is really dump ¬¬.
EDIT: I finally found the .swf link 😀 Click Here for the party room

Anyway, the new item is at the dock. Here are the .swf links. This is very big list o_O

Coffee Shop
Dance Club
Dance Lounge
Ski Village
Ski Lodge
Lodge Attic
Pet Shop
Pizza Parlor
Snow Forts
Ice Rink
Boiler Room
Mine Shack
Music 233
Music 234
Music 235
Music 236
Music 237

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro



  1. wooooo this is boring

  2. WOOOO Yeah.
    The SWFs are nice.

  3. go to my site for a contest just comment if you dont understand

  4. GO ICE!!

  5. Holla!

    Right on bro xD


  6. Hey thats me your talking about and I only said it because Im a christian and I did not say that on Aguair’s site.

  7. But if you go to Aguair’s funny pics page and on one with the green puffle eating all the food in a game from the fair, he said “That damn puffle.”

  8. But that is the only problem with your site, so if you don’t like me then I won’t come to your site any more!

  9. He didn’t say he didn’t like you, he just didn’t need another mother. Get my drift.
    I don’t swear either and yes I have made some remarks to some about swearing, but in a funny way. Like, “Do you kiss yo mama with that mouth?” Yah, Ag can do the deed as well, but it is their site and their life. It is like “live and let live.” Irregardless of being a Chirstian, it is just a personal choice to swear or not to swear. If you are offended by bad language, you have control to remove yourself from the situation.

    PS. I am not defending anyone who swears, just making a point that we all have options. 😉

  10. me480, im a christian too and christ never said not to swear, if god didnt want us to swear then why did he even create us? lol

  11. I was going to mention that. I was sure that his comment on being a Christian was going to cause some unwanted feedback. And, actually Christ did tell us not to swear. The Third Commandment
    “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.” However, somehow many more words have been added to that list of swear words.

    Thousands of books have been written on why and how man was created. Too deep of a subject ❗ But I am sure he didn’t create us just to swear, but I am sure too he isn’t going to get us out if we do! LOL

  12. I wonder if this guy knows of kingdom hearts???

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