Posted by: Asmodeus | May 12, 2008


Do you have any ideas of what should i do? Summer is getting closer and i want something new in this god damn site already! And i ran out of ideas.

Mr Fun: Maybe polls?

Lynne505: Maybe your own show: ‘Ice Drills TV’ lol

Ice Drills: Pollls? nope, TV show? all cp tv shows are gay,
and to keep u guys entertain i just uploaded a pic that i found on google

Vampy: Update your other pages 😉



  1. That was so funny. Bad. But so funny!

    Do some Youtube vids. Ask people to if they have a favorite music vid or a vid of any kind (other than porn icey…lol) and preapprove and post it. At best you will get a good cross section of interesting things for people to look at and possibly comment on and a limited amount of work for you.

    Just an idea for this GD site. 😉

    (I am not a person who swears or condons it, but that was just too funny of a post not to mention it. 😛 )

  2. you sholud have a area that shows you doin what ur gonna do in summer … just a thought =)

  3. in summer the only things ill be doing is: sleep, wake up, eat, post, sleep, wake up eat update and sleep again.

  4. music videos?

  5. Well Ice Vampiro is kinda right

  6. im going to do that, in summer though since exams are in less than 2 weeks

  7. ok!

  8. yah, I said music vids too pelkiun. I don’t think it looks like it was a popular thought.

  9. lol for the Bushy thing!
    And Ideas…
    No, false alarm

  10. what I plan for my summer is
    -Play computer
    -Swim a looot
    -Sleep till 1:00 pm
    -Eat a LOOOT!!
    -Stay till 5:00 AM awake.


  11. lol

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