Posted by: Asmodeus | May 2, 2008

New clothing catalog

Ice Vampiro:
I cant believe no1 notice this ¬¬. Oh common guys. Are you blind? Ok i will tell you.
1.Go to the
2.Go to the last page. The page that says “How do I get coins?” and “Are there other clothes?”
3.Move the “How do I get coins?” down.
4.Click on the note and read it :).
Here is a pic:

The clothing catalog is out, i cant take pictures because i must do all of my homework today before school starts again, so i dont have time to take pictures, the following post is from Aguair

The new Clothing catalog is out today, with a surprising amount of secrets! Disney might be on the start of something! What do you think?


To get the Crystal Staff click on the dragons’ hand:

To get the Woodsman’s hat, click on the Emerald hat:

To get the Cheesy tie, click on the Casual Jacket’s collar:


To get the Green Snorkels, click on the Admiral’s eyes:

To get the Red Viking Helmet, click on the Bunny’s bowtie:


There is only one secret. To get the Spikette, click on the Spikester:

And that’s it for today! The Free Membership Contest will start tomorrow D So keep checking back.




  1. nice post

  2. hi icey! nice site. i got your link from your comment in aguair’s blog.

    thanks for, er, disagreeing with my comment there 😉 i wrote my feedback there too. you might want to read it 😉

    how about adding me in your blogroll too? 😉 like YOU disney, ME clubpenguin….. ummmm i am probably more like fishland hehehe

    peace rocks! ^.^

  3. Lol u made the penguin look emo

  4. r u drunk? what penguin

  5. Holla!

    I think he means the admiral lol.


  6. u have been invited to come to mme and hey1509s 4000 hits party at the mammoth dock at 4 p.m on may 4th!!! hope u can come!!

  7. WOW i cant belive i never noticed that!!

  8. lol u never take pics and mohd means the admiral… I agree he does look emo!

  9. dude im 7th grade and in my school they give us homework like mad! we cant rest for a second and now in less than a month i give my final exams to pass to 8th grade!

  10. Hi Ice,
    same here! We have nevr ending piles of homework!!
    Thats why I hardly update any of my sites.

  11. Wow! I am also making my final exams to pass to 9th grade!!

  12. OMG! thanks for reminding me i got piles HW to I HATE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also i got a quiz tommarow o crap i got more than i though bye!!

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