Posted by: Alex IV | April 28, 2008

New Rooms :)

Hey guys
Vam Here

The party is finished so you know what this means? The key is out. Without the key you can access the Crowds nest that are located in the upper part of the Ship. Just click on the Arrow and you will find this Crowd’s Nest

Now….. To get the key just read this Note …………………. Or follow my easy steps.

  1. Go to the Town
  2. Enter the Coffee Shop
  3. Step on the steps to go to the library.
  4. Press the Book Icon to go to the Book Shelf.
  5. Read Rockhopper Journal
  6. Go to the last page and press on your present 🙂

The key can be used as a pin. This is the fourth Pin like this.

  1. The first pin was the Christmas Tree. It was located in the “Club Penguin Times”
  2. The scond pin was the Circus Tent Pin. It was in the Fall Fair Party. You had to get 100 Coins to buy it.
  3. The third was the Gold Ship Wheel Pin.
  4. The fourth is the Key to the Rockhopper Quarters.

Now you can access the newest room Rockhopper Quarters !!!

First of all you should check out the Notice Board.

Then Find a buddy and play the newest game, Treasure Hunt. If you don’t know how to play it read the Instructions.

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro


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