Posted by: Alex IV | April 25, 2008

Pirate Party

Hi Guys

Vam Here

So today the new party arrived. And it’s good only for 1 reason. This party is a copy of the last year Pirate Party ¬¬. There are some differneces like:

  1. The thing at the dock
  2. The pin at the ski hill (but the way to get the pin is almost the same)
  3. The boat and the giant rockhopper at the beach
  4. The ship(the note and the catalog the rockhopper jurnoual are missing)
  5. There is the stage at the plaza.

Even the item is exactly in the same place. Luckily the Puffle Bandana wasn’t a party item, it was a catalog item so they haven’t brought it yet.

The Migrator
The Migrator Ship Hold
Ski Hill
Snow Forts
Night Club
Coffe Shop

Oh I almost forgot. The new Sport Catalog is out. There are only 3 new clothe items and 2 furniture items. There is only the old silver surfer secret.

Sport Catalog

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro




  2. ROFL your header!!

  3. Lol nice header
    BTW they brought criket wickets lol

  4. Stop saying the same thing with mohd ¬¬ IF you want to talk about header comment here :

  5. VAMPY:
    Stop Advertising or you will be IP Banned

  6. nice header =] OH AND GUESS WHAT? I made ghosttown finnaly :} it’s not that good tho, its at
    go there quick & make a ghost pplz

  7. are you blind guys?

  8. LOL blind ppl
    Anyways I wasnt there in the last pirate party but I must admit it isnt very good, not many places are decorated and the free item is sooooo bad

  9. can u add me to ur blogroll? i added u

  10. lol

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