Posted by: Alex IV | April 24, 2008

Rocky’s Back

Yo Guys.

Vam here.

Ice Drills went to Austria. He will have vacations there. I think he will return on 29-30. So we wish him to find sankes on the plane =P. If you find Ice Drills on CP it will be me getting him the new items.

And now about CP.

Let’s start with RH. What to say? He is back….. but he’s new catalog is very small. Just Click Here to see it. You can’t find RH now. I think you will be able to find him tommorow.

The Newspaper is out too. Click Here for the paper. There are some interesting things about it. First of all after the party there will be a little Hide and Seek. RH will hide his key. Maybe some of you remember the map to the cove. Good old times. Here is the event Page:

(Click to enlarge)

Dance Water Dance

Ice Vampiro


 hey everyone its puffer19 im just saying i will definately be posting and commenting here more its just that i have been working on my own blog also heres the sneak peek and what billybob posted:



Hello Penguins!

It’s not very often a new room opens in Club Penguin, but I wanted to let you know that a new room will show up sometime next week! It’s supposed to be a big surprise so I can’t say a lot more than that right now. But if you’re on Club Penguin over the weekend you’ll definitely hear about it!

In other news: A party to celebrate Rockhopper’s return kicks off on Friday. It’s only a weekend party so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Until then…waddle on!



  1. cool post comment back 😀

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