Posted by: Asmodeus | April 21, 2008

New header!

I was bored, and i wanted to do something and since i had the header for 3 months i made a new one.

rate the header out of 10 and leave a comment about it

see ya!

yea i know its plain but still its the best header i can do in 10 minutes.



  1. 10!!
    Its nice and funny!

  2. 8/10. I don’t like the rainbow background ¬¬

  3. its not a rainbow background, r u blind?

  4. that background has more colors than a rainbow

  5. 7/10, it’s not your best wrok you could do alot better! but it’s amazing what you can do in 10 mins 10/10 for createivty and 10/10 for the effort!

  6. You changed your name to Icey from Ice?

    well, i give the header a 9.

  7. lol that’s cool thanks for visiting my site 😉

  8. 12

  9. Cool

  10. lol so funny ICE!! 9/10!
    P.S. Make one for me XD

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