Posted by: Logan - Blinking Yo | April 16, 2008

Igloo secrets!

Hello everyone! I am CoolPengu and I am a new admin here.

Here are some sneak peeks šŸ˜›

Keep cool!


Hi guys.

Vam here.

The new newspaper cam today šŸ˜€ Here is a .swf link for it:

Here are some links that are about the clocks. lol Fred is acting very weird (Fred is the cucko clock in ski lodge)
Snow Forts
New CP Clock Message

Ski Village

Dance Water Dance
Ice Vampiro



  1. Maybe all the catalog is related to spring and flowers and gardens and BBQ’s and BLAH, girlish stuff… lol joke.
    They will probably release old catalog items…

  2. if they do release old items ill personally rape them and rip off their heads one by one! šŸ˜ˆ

  3. Cool

  4. hello drills!!!
    your site is rox =D

  5. Lol!

  6. u should change ur title to club penguin new igloo secrets or something related..

  7. i dont want to

  8. I still think your header is awesome…

  9. Ice drills?

  10. Haiii šŸ˜› It’s meh, Kmamrosh? Does that name rinnng a bell??? Haha, cool header very umm…Scary as I should put it??? So you still do cp cheats and stuff??? I re-joined cp and my piczo but not cheats, too much work and stress, plus I don’t wanna be addicted to one site, :] Hehe, go to WHY? Bec ause I updated plus I have like the best site you’ll ever see XD

    Hmm…… OMG! I haven’t said Stay Fresh in so long :O


  11. silver!

  12. kamamrosh? šŸ˜ i thought u dissapeared! if u see my answer please answer me this: who the heck was that phantom dude?

    p.s i saw u on frozen 2 days ago šŸ˜›

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