Posted by: Mr Funguin | April 15, 2008

New Club Penguin Web :)



The upload and what ever took long cause of the ‘Flash Bugs’.

So, there are NEW fan banners.

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

And if you CANT see that image above, there is a bug, cause I used the code they gave. The old ones are now hard to get hold of!

 Yesterday, the servers were empty! 1 smiley face was on every server! lol

Also us British Citizens can now acess this web address:

But ofcourse other Citizens can acess that URL. I dont know if it will re-direct you to .com.

Emailing Club Penguin about the Game Cards they said that shortly they will bring them to the UK. I noticed the price has gone down I think.

This means, More Membership competitions! Lol.

Club Penguin has decided to keep most images of their site the same, along with a new theme. Flash! I think the website rocks and I love the video that they have put up.

Disney CP



  1. its much easier too hack now MWHAHAHAHAHAHA

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