Posted by: Aguair | April 11, 2008

Club Penguin Updates, 11th April


There is a new play in Club Penguin! It is really cool! Here is a picture of it:

Again, the switchbox is really cool. It does some neat stuff as well!


The new Pyramid Pin can be found in the Book Room.

Rockhopper added some stuff to his Journal, amazingly! It’s basically about what he’s been doing away from the Migrator.

There is also a new note on Rockhopper’s door.

That’s all for now.

Note: Ice Drills couldn’t post, and Funguin & Lynne didn’t either… 😀



  1. I love the new play!
    The items are hot =P
    I have never read rockhoppers
    journal, and I will never do it.
    It is boring … lol

    And no more virus ice, thanks to you I have installed the best antivirus and now i can use MSN!!!! Yeaaahhhh!

  2. log on if you can please, i want to ask you something

  3. Awsome! lol

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