Posted by: Asmodeus | March 26, 2008

Another great day

Another great day, another 3 ppl blocked from commenting!!

Cause im bored and i dont know what else to say , how was your day?



  1. my day is great to ice

  2. i am also bored too there is nothin fun to do these days

  3. Im bored too!

  4. im sure 100 percent that everyone will say that their bored,


  5. It was ok!

  6. I’m not bored anymore! Yay!

  7. lol

  8. hi ice!!!
    i have to see you long time
    how are you???

    ~pell~ 😉

  9. i thought i answered that question on the post 😛

  10. im ok and ice can you make me the header idc what it has on it but can you have like some halo stuff on it and if you make it ill do a post to visit your site thanks for your help dude

  11. Fuck that fucking fucker

  12. lol

  13. Re: Mohd

    Screw the Screwing Screwer
    Suck the Sucking Sucker
    Retard the Retarding Retarder
    Ass the Assing Asser (weird) -_-

  14. lol vam

  15. How do you block a person from your site?

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