Posted by: Mr Funguin | March 21, 2008

Egg Hunt Help!


Well as everyone here knows, the egg hunt is here.

Here are where the eggs are. On the left is the clue and then on the right, is where the egg is.

The item is the ‘Green Bunny Ears’.
The last egg is kinda hard to get cause it floats around alot. Its a Ninja type egg. Wonder if its a clue…
What are you waiting for? Go and find the eggs!
They have made some cool changes to the Migrator. Check it out!
– Waddle on around the mountain –
– Mr Funguin! –



  2. i forgot to mention how much i hate comments saying just 2 words examples: cool post, nice post etc

  3. What an original way of presenting the Easter Egg-hunt! I love it lol
    Hey man, sorry that i cant help u with the credit card thing 😦
    Keep so fcking cool!

  4. How did you make that header?? Mine sucks and i want a cool one like that

  5. Yep! That header is really cool. You’ll need to ask Ice Drills, he made it.


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