Posted by: Asmodeus | March 8, 2008

I have a secret that i havent told anyone

I have a list of every cp item ever, even ones that will come later, but if u want me to share it, you need to help me get my email back, to do that read the post bellow and email atleast once a day. Proof that i have a database: The idea was first thought by Mike 92



  1. sweet!!!

  2. That’s such a coincidence, I was just at Mike 92’s site and had the idea to get one of those flash decompilers! Can you show me how to get the full database thing though. I’m helping to get your e-mail back!

  3. can u tell em how to make a magazine on flash? and separte pages plz?? i know its 5 am but when u login plz tell me

  4. I use a flash decompiler to go to that even though I can use flash too since I also have Adobe Flash CS3.

    Yea i know, but do you have flash cs3 just for decompiling them or your using it for the reason it was created for?

  5. to decompile a swf you need a flash decompiler, ill show you how to use the one im using when i actually get my email back.

    And for you lilguy, Flash isnt the easiest program ever, except that you must know a little ActionScript so you can do something that flash was designed for. You will need to waste your day on the pc too. So you can do something good with flash , and study ActionScript

  6. i dnt get it lol

  7. Yea ice i died the other day.

  8. yay! your dead! lol

  9. woah

  10. Hola!

    Oh My Gosh!
    Bling Bling Medalin!?!?
    Gotta see that!
    Ill help…someway…

    waddle off

  11. cool

  12. 😯

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