Posted by: Asmodeus | March 7, 2008

Shit big problem! And new catalogue

Im in a shitty mood and cant do anything, my email is kinda hacked and everything i created e.g ice drills , wordpress was with that email. Why is it hacked? someone has found my password, logged on with my pass and email, and changed my passport to parent approval, the only way i can get back my email is by someone giving me his parents or his own visa or mastercard number and when it expires so it will think im an adult and give back my email. The other way i can get it back is by everyone who comes here send an email at and tell them that someone hacked me, so i can get back my email, in the meantime if u want to add me, add me on msn or yahoo


There is new Club Penguin clothing and wig catalogue are out today on the 7th March! They are OK, although they could have been more excentric!

New Wig catalogue ~

There is a new wig catalogue on Club Penguin with some, uninspiring wigs? Here are all the wigs in the catalogue, filled out a simple as can be! My favourite is the none!

The Surf knot:

Surf NOT

The Cleo:


and that’s them all!

I guess we can forgive CP, they have a lot of work to do!


New clothing catalogue ~

Club Penguin have got some new styles! Here are all the new items:

The Pot of gold:


The Leprechaun tuxedo:


The Cocoa bunny costume:


The Coca bunny ears:




The Daisy zippered hoodie:




The Striped Rugby Shirt:


The Brown slip-on shoes:


It’s a bad day for rare-penguins!

Here are the secrets –


Click on the admiral medals to get the green snorkel


Click on the seashell on the mermaid costume to get the red viking helmet (Open and close 3 times for the blue one)

Helmet 2

Rockhopper ~

The ship has had some major work done to it. Amazing in only overnight but here we are! Finally this ‘Rockhopper’ fiasco can be over and done with. At least I hope anyway!


That’s the end of my best post ever!

Take Care




  1. hi ice, it’s cyborg2190
    please add me with my new MSN, my old one doesn’t work

  2. Holla!



    Ice: Do u even need credit? lol

  3. I feel sorry 4 u Ice Drills

  4. Ice,I dont care if the items are back I only care that penguins and rockhopper are ok. Jeezz there just items and I told cp to bring some of them back.

    Btw the black and pink toque will never come back to cp.I asked them and they said no.

  5. joao whats ur problem? i never said that u care! jeez think before saying something

  6. Maybe this will change your mood. Mohd and chewy’s site got suspended. On snowdobby’s site mohd said he would quit unless he got help.

    chewy posted this on orbvabs site:

    Chewy Pup Says:
    March 8, 2008 at 2:33 am
    I quit

  7. Shakan was suspended too. WordPress must be doing some spring cleaning.

  8. nice post!

  9. Chewy quit and im quitting no one can help now =/

  10. Lol joao is like a cp items addict -.-

  11. lol joao only cares about being rare. W/e. Bye mohd it will be different without u bud!
    ~Matt aka Littleguy75
    😉 and comment! =)

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