Posted by: Asmodeus | March 3, 2008

Im back!

Well ive thought of it for a long time… and so im back to blogging again ( crap 😀 ) , right now im working to something on flash and i hope ill finish it untill this saturday or the next saturday. Thats all i had to say , see ya!

There was a comment from chewy pup on this post but i accidently deleted it so i went a page backwards copied and pasted the comment with the answer i gave him.:
Now you dont have mohd to help you get hits….Now who are you going to ask help for… AG, ooooorrrrrr Watex HAHA

Ice Drills answer:

I never cared about my hits, im not you who cries to mohd like an idiot begging him to add him, im not hacking anyone, im not lying BUT YOU ARE! Your not only selfish but a coward who doesnt want to face the reality, someone who only knows how to cry and force mohd to add him as an admin, if thought i would kept everything a secret u were soo stupid, by this comment u gave me the chance to tell everything jerk! I was working alone for 5 months, only my friends helped me, i never begged someone and force him to do something BUT YOU DID! I never stole a site of someone else, im not trying to force everyone do something they dont want, i helped people. YOU IDIOT DIDNT DO ANYTHING, YOU WANT EVERYTHING READY, YOUR SLACKING OFF FOR NO REASON, YOU JUST DONT WANT TO GROW UP, AND IF U THINK USING GOOGLE FOR HITS THEN LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, GOOGLE BANNED YOUR FOR BREAKING THEIR RULES. AND SOMETHING ELSE, I NEVER SAID IM INNOCENT WHEN IM NOT, BUT YOU ALWAYS DO THAT, LIKE THE UNBAN CHEWY POST ON MOHD SITE, WHEN YOU SAID YOUR A RULES MODEL AND THAT YOU NEVER BROKE THE RULES. IF YOU DIDNT THEN WHY ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF EVERYONE? WHY ARE YOU MEAN TO EVERYONE, WHY ARE YOU SOO STUPID SOMETIMES?!??!

and a pic from my email inbox:
nowwhoslaughingidiot.png CLICK TO ENLARGE IT



  1. Yay!!!
    You rock ice drills!!
    You are really funny and cool 😉

  2. u must feel better now lol
    P.S. Does everyone hate Chewy?

  3. Holla!

    I always keep 3 comments from Chewy in moderation 😉 You never know when They’ll be useful.

    Help me a lot and you might get the chance to edit them!



  4. well u removed me from editor when i quit wordpress but now im back to blogging add me back

  5. rezillllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Ice Drills translates what fotis said :
    rezili = someone that is or has been humiliated

  6. BRAVO ICE!!!!! SCREWY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hola!

    Yes ice drills! you did the right thing to chewy pup
    Oops. I spelt it wrong, its SCREWY PUP!
    When will chewy comment on my site 🙄 I WANNA EDIT A COMMENT!

    waddle off!

  8. GREAT!
    YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lol i am in your inbox.

  9. Chewy is a mother fucker>! yay!!

  10. Lets insult chewy!!
    great jobe icedrill you made chewy smoke up his words lol
    Chewy sucks

  11. Chewy Pup Says:
    March 3, 2008 at 10:42 pm
    I have good news and bad news.

    Well lets start off with the bad news.
    The bad news is, I have called cp, my friends have called, and more people but they will not lift my ban.

    The good news is,
    I kno who banned me. And some better news is that over 5000 ppl have emailed cp in the past 3 days, and so cp might unban me. Also the week I was banned, I wasn’t even home, and I had no internet access and when I came back I was banned forever. On top of that, when I tried to log onto my account threw the edit your account to cancel the membership, MY PASS WAS CHANGED.


    5000 people.. the dude is a joke!!! But then half the idiots who believe his crap are two. He posts on his old site and on Orbvabs. Look out..Orbvab will bite ya if you say anything bad about his bff. lol
    A coolpengu…remember you have to kiss yo mama with that mouth!

  12. screwy?

  13. coooooooooooooooooool drills bravo

  14. lol zipo wat about cool pengu

  15. What about him? He’s cool… be cool. 😎

  16. I do think we have some 2facedrats” out there. One day they are all…let’s get the rat…and then I read comments on other sites where the same pengi’s who said “let’s get the rat” are now saying…. ah… the “RAT” is ok, he is just misunderstood. LOL And Mohd isn’t ever going to QUIT because the rat didn’t get unbanned. Who in the flying heck would believe that CRAPOLA? Only if you are in LaLa Land! 😉

  17. NCO: stands for, None Commissioned Officers

    If i staya NCO until i’m 16 i get to join da army, NCO is basicly a younger version of da army, the cadet force!

  18. Go Ice! Glad your back!!!!!

  19. I agree with you 100%. Chewy Pup is the biggest jerk on CP, & probably the biggest poser (Cruisb is 2nd). & hopefully Mohd has learned not to mix with ppl like him… maybe his blog being suspended might refresh his mind. (Im not insulting Mohd, Im just wondering if he might stop helping Chewy Pup.)

  20. Screw Chewy. Wut a jerka$$

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