Posted by: Asmodeus | March 1, 2008

Wanna take a look at my igloo?

If you do click THIS!

p.s rate my igloo out of 20.

thank you, 😈



  1. 19, Very nice igloo.
    I wish I had the patience to decorate all that :p
    Waddle off!

  2. How does roast snowman taste like. Can I get a sample plz.thanks

    from1 to 20, i give it a 19…

  3. On a scale of 1 – 20, i say:


  4. 16

  5. 16, no offence lol

  6. your igloo is shit -99/20

  7. 20/20!! You won the best igloo ever contest. You may now go to
    P.S.The contest is not real. Cool igloo though! Ya get it? Cool? Like really good? and since u have so many fans its COOL? Get it? lol

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