Posted by: Asmodeus | February 29, 2008

Club Penguin updates 29/02/08 – New Club Penguin Sports Catalogue, Aqua grabber pin & Ice fishing update!

 the post is from aguairs site.


Club penguin updates – 29/02/08

New Club Penguin Sports Catalogue:

 Firstly, Club Penguin have released a new Sports catalogue. It has some cool costumes & gear, so get active ;)


 I hope you enjoy the catalogue as much as I do

 New – Pin:

The new Aqua Grabber pin and can be found beside the window in the pool

Aqua grabber Pin

Hope this helped you find it

 Ice Fishing update – Gray fish:

The gray fish can now be found on Ice Fishing, which is in the Ski lodge.

Grey/Gray fish

Hope you get the points & coins you want!

Migrator Mess:

Wow. Penguin sure can be messy sometimes!

Migrator Mess

How to get the Silver Surfboard:

  • Go to the sports shop
  • Open up the catalogue to the ‘Surfboard’ page
  • Click on the Starfish
  • Then the shell
  • Then the surfer’s board.

Silver Surfboard

 Good Day:

 That’s all the Club Penguin – CP – Clubpenguin updates for today ;) Have a great friday everyone!




  1. thank you for the bonus coints 😀

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